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Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 85 ►Non-Violence is a Part of Religion

Published: 14.07.2020

There are two kinds of people in this world—religious and irreligious. A religious person is always aware of the importance of religious practices. He always understands the true from of religion and acts accordingly. Religion has been regarded the highest form of auspiciousness. To describe the true form of it the three elements are incorporated-—non-violence, restrain and penance. The first position is that of non-violence among these three. A religious person observes other vows as well but these are done to nurture non-violence only. It can also be said this way that in the absence of non-violence the other vows cannot be followed or observed. It is desirable for a non- violent person to remain alert at every step. Everyone strives to save oneself but to save oneself from violence is found rarely. A person peeling the outer skin of potatoes also remains aware so that his hands are not cut during the process but who remains aware that while moving, rising and sitting no violence is caused or he doesn't become responsible for any act of violence?

Every living creature of this world wants to live, no one wants to die. A tiny ant also runs fast if it gets an inkling of its death. Life is dear to it. What to say of it everyone loves life. No matter how much misery a person is imbued in, he would never like to die. A person may describe his wish to die in words but in reality he doesn’t die.

An old woman was very miserable. She had no child. There was no one who could assist her in work or take care of her. She could not even hear properly with her ears. Her whole body had got paralyzed. She could not even get up from her bed; to walk was a far cry. She often used to say--God doesn’t give me death, he must have forgotten one flay the old lady was lying on her bed. She rose up and started running while screaming—‘The snake would bite me to death, help me. I am dying’. All her neighbours gathered. When they came to realize what had happened they said, ‘old lady’? Hearing your prayer the almighty had sent you a messenger of death.’ The old woman said, ‘If death is like that then I don’t want to die.’

The point worth understanding here is that no one wants to die. ln a situation like this why should man kill someone rather he must save himself from violence. No one wants to be a slave then why someone should be made a slave forcibly. Today some persons want Jainas to be united. I also do want there must be no diversity. I see a solution for this—No religious cult must accuse any other cult of having any specific flaw. To assert one’s view, to get people introduced to it is something but to contradict is something different. The least that one can do is not get involved in an act that may create any grievance in the mind of someone. If such an environment is created then the feeling of well-being will increase and there will be no room left for violence.

To kill a creature is violence, torture is violence" and to feel ill of it is also violence. To save oneself of violence one needs to be cautious. For this alertness a special term utility (upyoga) is used. By keeping utility one may save oneself from many sins. Utility is the ultimate religion. A saint in a very useful manner watches every step and walks. He remains aware towards violence. ln a situation like this if a creature comes under his feet co-incidentally and dies getting crushed then also he would not be responsible for this violence caused. At the same time if a saint walks unaware even if no creature dies under his feet then also he would be considered violent because he is quite careless towards violence. He was not careful enough if any creature would be annihilated by him. It is important for a person to use this human life, treat mobile and immovable creatures equal and this would be a real penance for religion. A family person has to cause violence for some important activities but he must consider it a violence at all lost.

To kill someone is violence. In a similar fashion to make someone kill one or to execute such an action is also violence, a sin. One who steals is a thief and one who makes other steal is equally a thief. If a thief comes to steal and to enter the house, if he asks for help from anyone, one who helps this way is also a thief. A religious person must not hit anyone or cause pain to anyone, nor must he make someone kill or cause pain to any other creature. He must always strive hard to remain aware. He must keep utility in mind and must repent where he has to cause violence to accomplish any necessary task.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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