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Published: 12.06.2020

The Value of Life

To-day the whole world is in toppy-turvy. The developed nations are also in turmoil and the developing nations are also in turmoil. Neither people who are rich are happy nor poor are happy. What is the cause of it? The reason is clear. Man has deviated from his path and gone astray. The only way that leads to happiness and peace is non-violence. It’s really strange that man has left the golden path of non-violence and taken the labyrinth full of thorns. This is the consequence of it that he is bearing now.

As violence begets violence, supports it so it keeps on increasing. It increases so much that it becomes dangerous and the poor man gets scorched in the flames of it. This is the reason that violence is undermined and hated everywhere now. Man wants to get rid of it. The culture of India has always been based on non-violence. According to it violence may sometimes become unavoidable given the situation but it can never be an ideal of life. The value of life lies in non-violence. Indian culture has always sung the glory of it. People from different parts of the world have been taking inspiration from India to be non-violent, when at present people are getting sick and tired of violence and moving toward the path of non-violence, the sole responsibility goes to the Indians to accelerate this movement by spreading the glory of it everywhere. This is very important from the view point of world peace, but to spread it mere oratory won’t do. To make it possible the person spreading the ideal of it must also live it. To live up to its expectations in itself is a kind of propaganda. The movement of ‘Anubrat’ helps one to live up to the ideals of non- violence. It is desirable then that every person must practically implement the principles of ‘Anurbrat’ in one’s life to incorporate non-violence in life.

Non-Violence Erases Antagonism

Non-violence is ultimate armour of peace. This fact had been realized some thousand years ago, that’s why non-violence was declared ultimate of religion and penance of it has been regarded as the most important part of religion. Those who move forward in the path of religion have to abide by the subtleties of the laws of non- violence. This part of penance is not merely associated with a person’s peace of mind. The person surely attains to everlasting peace but the rest of the world also gets assured. A person who attains mastery in the penance of non-violence he develops an impenetrable citadel of security around him. This doesn’t merely assure human beings but also the tiny insects and subtle living creatures like plants and vegetables get assured as well. The non-attached Tirthankaras in their penance of non-violence are reported to have carried the environment of peace around them wherever they went. It is said that even wild animals would also develop a certain kingship among themselves. अहिंसाप्रतिष्ठायां तत्सन्निधौ वैरत्याग:’ This sutra expresses an experienced truth of the same phenomenon.

Now-a-days it is rare to find such stalwarts in the field of spiritualism but still there are some people whose presence triggers tranquillity in a person. When a person gets closer to such personalities he is basked in the peace that emanates from them. This personal peace may also extend to the masses and be exemplified. This part of the penance has an integral relation with time. In the past there were certain factors like non-polluted environment, less expectations, natural lifestyle and so on that would prevent a person to get agitated.But today the life has become much complicated so the question ofpeace has also become very important.

Inspiration for Peace of Masses

ln those days there wasn’t much discussion regarding the implementation of peace for the masses. But to-day anxiety has increased so much that the need for peace is greatly felt. Mahatma Gandhi and some other men have incorporated peace and non-violence even in the sphere of politics that surely opened a new dimension in the field of spiritual penance. The problem is that in the present days many discussions are being held regarding non-violence but the implementation of it is very less. In fact non-violence is being discussed at the intellectual level. So many principles from scriptures have been accumulated that man has become confused now. Out of that fear only the question of non-violence is raised. Now non-violence is not regarded as an important part of penance but to remove the fear it is being used as a weapon. So some discussions, movements and promotions are being done but preaching it practically is not being done.

A Relentless Effort

The tradition of Jainism has been non-violent. The subtle form of non-violence that has been presented by Jainism is in itself a very important factor. We have got certain valuable sutras of non-violence from this tradition. Under Yogasadhna we are trying to make those symbols consolidated by applying the subtle methods. Although our penance for non-violence is associated with an individual’s notions but still we are not unaware of the aspirations for world peace. This is the reason why we try to associate individual’s penance with the peace of the world. The more people turn non-violent the more there is possibility of making it stronger.

Application must be developed

The training of violence is being developed all across the world but as far as non-violence is concerned there is no development of any training program. Much money is being spent over the training of violence but for the preaching of non-violence no effort is being made. In a situation like this on this auspicious occasion of Pragya parb the practical implantation of non-violence on a large scale is being tried. We are not claiming whatsoever that we shall establish peace in the world but we have an ardent belief that the application of penance of non-violence is deeply associated with world peace. It is my ardent request to all the volunteers of peace in the world that they assess the methods and applications going on at Jain Biswa Bharati in Ladnun and try to device any attractive method thus consolidating their roles. l hope that in the process some effective methods are produced that may provide peace to the whole world.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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