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Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 26 ►Non-Violence is the Ultimate Armour

Published: 14.06.2020

There was a time when human beings were not as civilized as they are today. In those days mutual conflicts were resolved through wars. Gradually the situation changed. Although the possibility of waging war has not been dismissed fully but discussions are being held to stop igniting the tendency. It is true that mutual conflicts in the world would never come to an end completely but experiences have taught man that no matter how great the conflict is, it can be resolved through discussions. Mr. Gorbachev has made this fact consolidated. On the basis of it rival countries like America and Russia are also trying to resolve their differences by discussion. Even the armed forces in the borders of China and Russia being thought of getting removed. The great wall of Berlin is also thought of getting removed. Are all these facts intriguing?

Why This Brutality?

What happened in China recently and what is happening still there is no less startling a fact. The ink has not yet dried up by which the peace treaty between China and Russia was signed that students in Beijing were slaughtered. This act was like slapping in the face of human sensitivity. Is it a sin to ask for removing corruption and establishing democracy? If not, then why did the Chinese army and leadership lose support from the public view in the world?

Although it was Mao’s belief that power emerges from guns but then the situation changed. The public view of China also changed. Even then it is strange how could leaders of China become so ruthless so as to shoot some thousands of youth. It is possible that students might have also indulged in some kind of violence. It is also possible that some anti-social elements might have ignited violence. But the Government which can treat its citizens so cruelly cannot be expected to be kind to other countries. To talk about ‘Panchsheel’ in a situation like this is a far cry.

Violence Begets Resentment

There had been no era where there was no problem. Whenever people thought and contemplated over any issue peacefully they could find a solution. Whenever he was overruled by emotions then the problem became even more complicated. Although politics is quite complicated but an intelligent person always learns from History. It is possible that ruthlessness can suppress all voices but violence always begets violence.

Non-Violence Shows the Way to Solutions

It is equally true that non-violence has had an eternal combat with violence. The more powerful violence becomes non-violence has to be equally powerful. In such hours tolerance has a great role to play. If the students of China remain aware from this point of view the sacrifices would not go in vain. Even in India during freedom struggle so many non-violent men were sacrificed durning Jalianwalabagh massacre is an ideal example of it. But still there is no doubt that non-violence is the biggest armour. Violence cannot suppress violence. To defeat violence non-violence is the only armour. It is possible that while treading the path of non-violence one may have to bear the pain but the final outcome is always blissful.

'Anubrat' is a movement of humanity. Human beings must develop fellow feelings that are what the ideal situation would be. From this point of view a man is empathetic to all human beings breaking the shackles of creed and nation.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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