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Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 36 ►Religion of Behaviour: Non-Violence

Published: 19.06.2020

Sin of Violence

The sole of non-violence lies in renunciation. To seek hedonistic pleasure is violence. The soul is circumnutated by violence. To seek hedonistic pleasure causes violence. To secure the objects of pleasure cause violence. To renounce the attachment of material objects is renunciation, it is non-violence. But it is not merely limited to that. Non-violence is a vast concept. Non-renunciation is even greater sin than seeking material pleasure. To adhere strictly to one’s community and undermining others is violence. The civilized, cultured and educated people are discriminating people on the basis of caste creed and colour and considering others as enemies. A parochial person never allows one to feel the synthesis of different communities or the unity of them. To seek knowledge like frenzy is also violence. The educated people often hate the illiterate people. Is it not insulting the enteral state of soul?

The rich people often consider poor as inferior. This is an attachment to richness. This also creates violence. Violence towards any living creatures becomes the cause of downfall of one’s soul, so it is a sort of sin. Attachment to community, education and richness lead to downfall of one’s soul and augments resentment. It also gives birth to social disputes so it has been considered as a sin. That sustains the tradition of sins

Tradition of Sins

The tradition of sins is moving forward. The differences and insanity over languages is increasing. The insanity of nationality and region is also increasing. The parochialism is also taking the shape of madness. Non-renunciation is celebrated. Violence is increasing. Where there is renunciation of hedonistic pleasures, renunciation of madness, and renunciation of emotions non-violence resides there. So, it is a stark reality that the soul of non-violence lies in renunciation.

People refrain from renunciation. This is a step toward violence. Non-violence is not a matter of advice. It is a pragmatic reality of life. To develop it, renunciation must be consolidated. To consolidate non-violence this non-violent approach must succeed, it is an ardent hope of this era.

Non-Violence in Behaviour

The last two world wars that had been fought and the usage of sophisticated weapons have made humanity comprehensive about future. The making of atom bomb and such other arms if produced and if the competition lasts then it will be a treat for the existence of humanity. What is the point of producing such arms? Although defines and maintaining peace are the excuses that are being laid forward behind producing such arms but the reality is somewhat different. If we delve deeper then it becomes clear that dominating the world and becoming strong are the real causes behind it. But the consequence of producing arms at a large scale can never be positive. Humanity has already suffered the dire consequences of it. Its inner soul is writhing. It watches the devastation caused by wars and the destruction of human race. The final outcome ever after paying such a big price is turmoil. This state compels the producers and the leaders of nation to contemplate over this matter that waging wars and production of arms will not bring peace. What non-violence can do? To what extent violence can cause destruction? Are the two questions of which the answer of the second question has been found? Now only the first question remains whose answer is sought wholeheartedly.

Anubrat Movement: A Plan of Creation

The movement of Anubrat is a non-violent movement. It can do nothing other than creation. What kind of creation? Not the creation of destructive weapons, but the creation of character and good behaviour that are the prime needs of the present situation. The age of destruction is over. The demand for peace is everywhere. The only solution is non-violence behaviour. A person must show a steadfast devotion to non-violence. In other words, a person must be sincere to himself, this is the sole purpose of Anubrat. I would like to tell each and every citizen of our nation to understand the movement of Anubrat, accept the norms and regulations of Anubrat and show the world by setting an example of one’s own life. What numerous possibilities lie ahead if one follows non-violent behaviour and what positive changes it can bring in the behaviour of an individual and environment?


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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