Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 61 ►New Ways of Exploiting Animals

Published: 02.07.2020

'ज्यों-ज्योंदवाकी, मर्जबढ़तागया|' If a disease is not properly diagnosed, treated and provided with proper medicines then the disease might not be healed. If there are proper diagnosis, treatment and proper medicines and in spite of them if the disease augments then it is really a matter worth worrying. Whatever problems are there in our country, every problem is a disease. The problem which is openly discussed, the solution of which is sought and even then the problem persists then it seems it has got deeper roots somewhere.

Violence is a problem. It is not a new problem. But whenever it stood eagerly to confront with, its solution was also found from a colossal height. At this time not merely India but the whole world is affected by this problem. Even the most powerful nations are also intimidated by violence. To get over this fear every person is impatient. The more atomic power has been increased the more mutual doubts and fear has increased. The possibility of space war has taken the form of horror. In this context according to a treaty dumping some atomic weapons that can cover half a distance was approved by two rival nations. This incident was welcomed by the entire world. Non- violence was established for this. Non-violence has become a talk of the town.

The more non-violence is talked about and being approved as a solution the more new dimensions of violence are opening. One of the new forms of it was seen on 7th January, 1988 edition of ‘Hindustan Times’. On the front page of that newspaper news was published along with three photographs whose title was—Note funny for money. The summary of the news is that in the previous week an entertaining program was held at Phagwara (Punjab). The program was witnessed by some thousands of people. The program was—‘Death race’. The participants were some rabbits and trained hunting dogs. At the beginning of this competition a rabbit was left to run. The two dogs were left after it. At reaching some point the dogs caught hold of the innocent rabbit. What a painful death the rabbit might have died! Some thousands of eyewitnesses entertained themselves with the scene and the poor rabbit’s tiny life met a premature and brutal death. How could so many people stand and witness the scene! How could they have seen such a malevolent scene? The news revealed that within three days of this race some two hundred and fifty rabbits were killed. The brutality of this incident unleashed toward animals provides thrill. On what purpose was this violence caused? In scriptures the reasons of violence have been examined and written—some people cause violence inspired by the tendency of taking revenge. Some people get involved in violence due to their insecurity. Some people get involved in violence to save themselves from any peril. Revenge, insecurity or saving oneself— among these three reasons what led the human being to arrange for such a program of rabbit violence?

In ancient days people used to go for hunting. There were two reasons for hunting——hobby and consumption of meat. Was this incident also a new form of hunting where human beings without getting involved made their pet dogs commit such a gruesome act? In the newspaper it was written that it was merely done for entertainment. Is there only this kind of way left for entertainment? Science has invented so many means of entertainment then also such cruelty is indulged! It is beyond understanding.

There was a time when man for his entertainment used to make the animals fight. The animals or birds participating in such contexts were of the same species. Men, sheep and buffaloes were made tofight and man used to watch them fighting while he stood far away at a safe distance. But in this incident rabbits were not made to fight with rabbits but they were made to fight with hunting dogs. What kind of a new way is it of animal exploitation?

This is India. In the culture of this country non-violence has been given top priority. Is it not playing with our culture? In a country where such non-violent texts have been written like Vedas, Upanishad, Pitak and Agam, in a country where principles like 'आत्मवत् सर्वभूतेषु'has been entertained, in such a country stripping of lives of innocent animals brutally without any word of protest, what a horrible situation it is! Is there no journalist who has some courage let to criticize such on act openly?

Every living creature wants to live. No one wishes to die. In a situation like this killing any living creature without any reason is an unnecessary violence, a dreadful crime.

In our country movement has been going on to rescue cows for decades. It is true that cow is a useful animal. But what harm has a rabbit caused? The question is not of cows or any other animal for that matter, the question is of man’s diabolical trail’. As long as the impulse of committing unnecessary violence is not changed in man he would keep on sacrificing such innocent and mute animals at the after of death. I wish man would realize his humanity and refrain from such heinous acts.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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