Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 49 ►Non-Violence is not Merely Scripture but Armour as Well

Published: 26.06.2020

Man craves for happiness. He wants to lead a happy life. If anything comes as a barrier before his happiness then he becomes restless. In spite of a strong desire of being happy he finds himself surrounded by all sorts of miseries. It is for the simple reason that the only penance of being joyful is non-violence. As long as he doesn’t become aware of non-violent traits within himself he keeps on moving taking the prop of violence. Violence is a sort of tension. In the presence of tension no one can experience happiness, peace or bliss. Therefore it becomes important to save one from impulses that create tension.

Violence is a dangerous crossroad. This is such a crossroad where there is groping, slipping and darkness. If there is sufficient light over roundabout roads and traffic police are alert then the accidents rarely happen. In a similar way if the dark road is straight it can be easily covered, but if nothing is visible ahead then in such roads the shadow of death lurks every moment.

The way of non-violence is certainly a little long but there is no dangerous crossroad, no slipping and no darkness. In such a way a person can move ahead peacefully and reaches his destination quite earlier. Non-violence has got two parts——relativity and inter- dependability. Their creator is Anekantavad (to seek one in many). Today the world is standing at such crossroad that to move ahead from their needs the support of Anekantavad. To perceive a person material and incident differently and to establish equilibrium between two polar opposites Anekanta is. This is the only edifice of electivity and inter-dependability. The crutches of ‘Anekantbad’ can lead a human being to move in the direction of peace. If the concept of Anekantvad is not understood then the world war might strike any moment.

Non-violence has two forms—behavioural and psychological. Not to kill someone, not to hurt others and not to offend others, fall into the category of behavioural aspect of non-violence. The psychological aspect of it is even more important. It is only by influencing one’s thoughts that violence gets an opportunity of being active. Psychological violence is more dangerous. Its consequences are even more lethal. To get control over one’s thoughts is very difficult. Those few who had examined and observed it they are using a new treatment in the name of psychiatric treatment. In such methods there is no room for violence, fear, disappointment and such other negative traits and thoughts. Violence rests merely on positive thinking. Positive thinking can only emerge in the fertile soil of Anekantvad. Without development of Anekantvad, world peace could not be imagined of.

The second cause of peace is—the training of developing the factor of renunciation. Hedonistic tendencies augment or indulge violence. If a person wishes to live a peaceful life then he needs to accept the glory of renunciation and develop the factor of it. AcharyaBhikshu had rose over all kinds of rituals and clearly said- Renunciation is religion, hedonism is not religion, restrain is religious, non-restrain is irreligious, God’s verdict is religious, violating the rules concerning God’s verdict is irreligious—such reliability on values can ignite the lamp of non-violence in a person.

If the question is of creating world peace and the mind is full of turmoil then where would peace enter from? On one hand discussions are being held on peace and on the other deadly and destructive nuclear weapons are being created, it can only be eliminated if the application of nuclear weapons is controlled.

The way filtering water doesn’t produce ghee, similarly violence cannot bring peace. All the secrets of peace are found near non-violence. There is no scripture beyond non-violence many people are aware of this factor. I believe that there is no armour bigger then non-violence either. I wish people were aware of the power of that armour and the application of its methods, it is necessary then to or some innovation regarding this context. Unless we embark on the journey of new findings and reach conclusion the practical application of non-violence would remain a Utopia. Unless the glass of imagination is removed, the dream of establishing world peace would never be materialized.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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