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Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 62 ►Ingredients of Grooming and Brutal Violence

Published: 02.07.2020

A person is not identified by his complexion and beauty, wealth and fame, attire, accessories and nor does he get identified by big houses. A person’s true identification lies in his life. His biggest asset is his character. He is best judged by his behaviour. What he thinks, what he speaks and what he does, based on all these factors, his personality is assessed. Those who do not behave well do not keep their mind calm and do not add sweetness in their speech, no matter how beautiful they are, cannot impress others. To be beautiful is something and to try to look beautiful is something entirely different.

It is unknown how long man has been attracted to artificial beauty? Why is he attracted? The way lust for life is a fundamental trait of every living creature in a similar way the urge to look beautiful seems to be a fundamental trait of every human being. It is true that birds and animals have a natural beauty or they would also have used beauty products. It seems they are least concerned about beauty and ugliness. But human beings seem to be a little more conscious about it.

Some people fall victim of this ailment and that is—they want to look very beautiful. Among such persons women are more beauty conscious than their male counterparts. It can also be said that most of the women try to curve their niche in the competition of artificial beauty. Even after being bestowed with natural beauty they immerse themselves in artificial products to look even more beautiful.

On one hand the economic condition of our country is poor. The poverty and famine are spreading everywhere and on the other so much money is being spent over beauty products. If a ban is put over those artificial products which are harmful from the viewpoint of health as well as economy, then many problems would be solved on their own accord. The point of putting a ban might be valuable on social ground, but if perceived from spiritual point of view, no banned traits can be prevented as long as the human mind is not changed. The products which are bought and sold openly if they are banned then new ways of using them would be sought. It is so because as long as human heart is not transformed he keeps on fulfilling his desires by different ways. It is necessary that the public become aware of the real scenario and the people themselves try to save themselves from using such beauty products.

The usage of beauty products affects the health and economy of a country. Along with that the moral values also get deteriorated. It is beyond estimate that in all such beauty products how much pain of mute birds and animals is involved.

Very few people are aware of this fact. If a person hears the scream of monkeys, rabbits, rat, badgers, and pigs and so on, then he would never try to look beautiful keeping humanity at stake. To look extremely beautiful or to embellish one’s ugliness artificial beauty products are used but it is a sort of welcoming and establishing imported culture. Whether someone believes it or not but it is true that an animal like badger is beaten with a cane and on doing that a kind of chemical secretion takes place that is used to create perfume. For some people’s gratification so many badgers life is put at stake. The skins of alive snakes are removed to use it in fashion products. So many hairy animals are killed mercilessly to make hairy coat and hat. To examine shampoo innocent creatures like rabbits are made blind. There are many animals whose eyes and hearts are crushed to manufacture some products. Even if religious and persons with human perspective feel no empathy on such mishaps then can it be expected of the person of diabolical nature to contemplate over this subject?

If some people with scientific bent of mind collect such factors and spread them among public authentically then perhaps it will change people’s perspective. It is even possible that hundreds and thousands of people are unaware of the cruel incidents taking place in the name of beauty and fashionable products. How on earth would it change their perspective in a situation like this? Even if some people come forward and take an endeavour of offering some alternatives before violent oriented products then the flood of modem beauty products can be stopped. If a Paradigm shift is made from looking beautiful to making ones character beautiful then this disease of vanity can be healed and a considerable effort must also be taken in that direction.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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