Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: Preface

Published: 02.06.2020

Once a seeker came wandering to LordMahavira Sensing the situation favourable he put a question f0rward——‘Bhante (Lord) what 15 the ancient most religion?’ The lord answered lucidly in his effort to drive away the mist that shrouded his consciousness—सव्वे पाणा  हंतव्वाएस धम्मे धुवे णइए सासए— there is no living creature in this world that is unbeatable, therefore, the only religion is the virtue of non-violence which is the ancient most, eternal and everlasting. This definition of religion was laid forward by Lord Mahavira and other Tirthankaras (enlightened men in the lineage of Jainism) preceding him. A Tirthankara is a man who is an eloquent speaker of truth. Truth always remains truth. It remains independent of matter, sphere time and feelings. The wheel of technological advancement is moving so fast these days that the notion of truth which persists in the morning changes inevitably by the evening. But the truth laid forward by the Tirthankaras that was well-defined and properly examined has remained the same and no technique has yet been evolved to alter this definition whatsoever.

The children of twenty-first century wake with up the thought that today’s morning will not exactly be the same as the day before. Whether the morning changes or the whole world changes, the eternal values of man never change even with unrelenting efforts. In the last few decades of twentieth century many persons had dreamt that the coming century would not be a replica of the previous century. They would leave no stone unturned to change the entire scenario so that they would not have to bear the resentment of the preceding generations. This dream could not find an ideal firmament where a new moon could be drawn. Poverty, unemployment, economic competition, corruption, scams, terrorism, violence and such other vices had entered into a new era along -with man bidding farewell to the old aeon. The time has changed but man has remained the same, his nature has not changed, his yardsticks of assessment have not changed, so the problems are the same awaiting eagerly to be encountered with.

The way non-violence is an enteral truth so is violence a universal truth in as much the same way. Violence has also been associated with mankind and has been a part and parcel of human values. So, in almost every era, wise men have been trying to ameliorate the glowing fire of violence. In India Lord Mahavira and Lord Buddha had been exponents who spoke against violence, so are Mahatma Gandhi and AcharyaTulsi who had been eloquently advocating non-violence as an ideal virtue.

The philosophy that these great men had propounded carries the power to alter the entire lifestyle of men. Unfortunately man has not accepted and initialized these virtues. Such philosophies of great men have been commenting the glory Of Scriptures but as far as practical implementation of them in daily life of man is concerned, they are few and far between; Violence and resentment have been augmenting in our society. At some aeon in history temples had been demolished and now Mosques are also not being spared. Why should the pang of breaking the enshrines of human beliefs be returned with. vengeance? Why should the wrongs done in the past destroy the present tranquillity? Beyond all these questions there is a greater concern before us and that is seeking the light that will dispel the glowing darkness enshrouding our life.

The eyes seeking light in the ocean of darkness is getting fatigued. They are seeing dilapidated dreams everywhere, breaking beliefs, unrequited passions and diminishing breaths. People are running like frenzy but unaware of their destinations. In the name of progress our culture has been affected time and again which modern man is absolutely ignorant of Man is surviving but mankind is suffering,which personality enshrouded with the light of non-violence would provide relief to the hoary most tradition and culture of India? Who is going to take the herculean task of changing the present scenario?

One of the heralds of the new drawn carrying the torch of non- violence is unquestionably AcharyaTulsi. He observed that modem man is getting self-centred and is possessed by selfishness which is why violence and friction all sorts are the final outcome. He realized that information of any kind would not be enough rather recreation is required at this stage. Changes of values are not the question but a new age has to be brought in. The new age would be of non-violence, the pride and security concerning our tradition and culture and this age would also extinguish the fire of animosity, revenge burning each and every individual soul. Einstein had taught the world that the future horoscope of the world cannot be shaped by the slogans of revolution and war; for that a pen replete with divine foresight is required. The perception of unity, indiscrimination and mutual support is what creates divine foresight.

AcharyaTulsi’s interest had always been in non-violence. Following his amiable nature and to live up to the ideals that he held dear he took the vow of non-violence. To, implement the ideals of non-violence practically in his day-to-day living he went through a rigorous and gruelling session of observing the rites of being non- violent in the true sense of the term. To glorify the significance of non—violence he gave discourse an it, wrote articles, arranged seminars and created structured organizations to teach and practice non—violence. His dream of establishing the edifice of non-violence universally was to make, it an integral part of human life and to generate the power within that comes through a long practice of non—violence. To glorify the power and virtue of non-violence he instructed to create an independent department named ‘Ahinsaaur Shanti Shodh’ in Jain VishvaBharati University and thereby turned non-violence to be the prime subject of learning and teaching. Even while discussing the subject of non-violence with the eminent philosophers of our nation he laid emphasis on improvisation and implementation of non- violence to be observed strictly. He also added that there must be an organized system to teach non-violence.

AcharyaTulsi had created an example of leading a life of non- violence. He believed that there is no limit or boundary in non-violence. You do this much and I would do you a favour in return, is more like a business transaction. He believed that non-violence should be self-discipline and the only religion to be practiced by everyone. If all his discourses and articles are compiled together and perused then the first impression and the final conclusion would be a gem that would provide insight of multi-dimensional focus, discussions, analysis and contemplation over a single subject that would be found nowhere. There has been a fine inclusion of well-defined, elucidated and wise thoughts of AcharyaTulsi ‘Ocean of Problems: The Boat to Non-Violence’. The people, who are lost in the ocean of problems,are entangled in the mire of ill-thoughts. They need a boat like this, a boat that can ferry them across the ocean of entanglements and complexities. That boat with no pitfalls is of non-violence with the aid of which the abysmal depth of the ocean of problems can be dealt with. No matter how bigger the ocean is? What abysmal depth it does contain, which dangerous crocodiles and other sea monsters dwell there, no matter how dangerous the lava is that flows underneath it. If the boat is well built, strong and secure then the ocean can be crossed.

To create a world free of violence, Lord Mahavira’s words, replete with nectar, can direct us toward solution. Based on this preface Lord Mahavira’s 2600 birth anniversary has been celebrated as the auspicious year of non-violence. If we have it to be a coincidence then Acharya ShriMahapragya’s Traibasik Ahimsa Yatra, a period of three years where a monk according to Jaina tradition undertakes a journey from place to place to stringently adhere to the laws of non- violence and spread the fragrance everywhere. A great exponent of non-violence Mahatma Gandhi’s birth place Gujarat, happened to fall as the first place to make it first his spot of stay in his itinerary.

On this auspicious occasion it is the compilation of this great exponent and stalwart of practically applying non-violence in his activities, AcharyaTulsi’s great works that will become the guiding light for many readers and will enlighten them with the advent of new dawn. In the great compilation of Tulsi Badmoy’s ‘works’, a great co-operation has been extended from Sadhvi Jinpoavaji, Sadhvi Kalpataji, Sadhvi Chitralekhaji, and Sadhvi Suprabhaji in the form of proof reading and later publication of this book with great vigour and interest. With the blessing of Acharyashri Mahapragya and Yavachaiyashri Mahasraman this journey of Badmoy be taken and move toward its accomplishment fast pace is what a little desire left.



Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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