Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 24 ►Non-Violence is a Secured Island

Published: 13.06.2020

The word non-violence carries such sweetness that fills every pore of a human being with nectar. The impact of its sweetness is not restricted to any human beings, caste or creed but it is over the whole world. This is the reason that every person has applied it and yielded positive results. If religious people sing the glory of it or their problems get solved by it, there is no wonder in it, but when such people talk about non-violence who have got no direct relation with religion or non-violence then it is really an extraordinary matter.

In this era those who applied the principles of non-violence in political arena Gandhi’s name would always be at the top. He brought a new revolution in the political field. He moved forward to make the nation free that had been under foreign subjugation for centuries. The British Government was shocked and yielded submission before the power of non-violence. India got freedom. Even to-day the followers of Gandhi are applying the principles of non-violence. However it is doubtful how much do they rely on the application of these principles but as an ideal the value of non-violence is being accepted without any argument.

Even the international issues are being discussed and the problems are being solved by applying the laws of non-violence. In comparison to production of arms, disarmament of arms is being given priority. This is the outcome of non-violent thoughts. Even the people of antagonistic thought and feelings can exist in contrast to non-violence. From this point of view organizations like UNO are also trying to establish world peace by glorifying the values of non-violence.

Even in the world of crimes, the methods of non-violence are being applied. In the ancient time prisons were popular as torture chambers, wherein the criminals were tortured physically and mentally. This would tum those rebels and shortly after getting released they would get involved in even more dangerous crimes. The idea of suppression could not reduce the rate of crimes. So some people adopted the perception of non-violence. Instead of torturing a convict, he was given the field of creativity. The amiability of the officer’s in-charge, the healthy environment and the desire of leading a dignified life transformed the hard-core criminals. Seeing these positive results new researches were conducted, new methods were applied and among the followers of non-violence this new section is also being incorporated.

There was a time when in our society discrimination was being done on the basis of caste. Fear and the feeling of revenge prevailed among people. It is not that today there is no such problem but still some people who have steadfast devotion to non-violence are trying to erase the discrepancies existing in our society by applying non- violence. Such applications are also effective in establishing non- violence.

The family from the point of view of mass consciousness is the smallest institution. Sometimes members of the same family also get affected by the contradictions in thoughts. Sometimes father and son also get into tussle. There is a conflict between mother and daughter. Brothers also develop a distance sometimes. In such moments of crisis a follower of non-violence establishes peace quite easily. This sorts out misunderstandings of all kinds and makes life smooth and worthy of living. All the doubts are dissolved and mutual relations become strengthened.

There is no dearth of people applying the principles of non-violence in their personal life. Those who have a clear perception of spiritualism,those who are religious by their actions, those who consider religion the only means of transformation, they have to practically implement the laws of non-violence in their life. This way’ beginning from an individual to international sphere the implementation affects the lives of people to a great extent and opens a new way of bliss.

Those who have applied non-violence in their life, for them it becomes like a secured island.’ Those who live in such an island they are never affected by the peril of water. They always remain serene. Even a violent storm cannot intimidate them. The refuge of non- violence is much greater than that. That’s why those who live under the shade of it never become afraid or insecure.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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