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Posted: 09.03.2017

We are happy to publish the English translation of the Tatvārthādhigama sūtra of Umāsvāti who has churned out the nectar of the sea of philosophy embodied in the Jaina āgamas.

The text cast in Sanskrit aphorisms, precisely has dealt with nine essentials (Nava Padas) of Jaīnism. Kalikālasarvajña Hemacandrācārya has acknowledged him as the best compiler. That is why this work is the only accepted and recognized work of Jaina philosophy.

This work is famous as a text for the scholars and the students alike of Jainism. The essence of Jainism is rendered here in very simple language. Several scholars, Digambara as well as Śvetāmbara have written commentaries on this work. These are sometimes difficult to comprehend. Also, many interpretations and expositions are written in Gujarātī, Hindi, and in English in the last century. These generally are detailed and not easy for the beginners.

There was, therefore, a need for a simple translation / exposition for those Jaina diaspore desirous of knowing about Jaina religion and also for those who want to learn about Jainism. Therefore, Shri Manubhai Doshi undertook this difficult task, studied the whole work in depth, and presented a translation in simple English. We express deep sense of gratitude for his consent to work on this book. This publication will, then, be useful to the scholars and others who are interested in knowing the essence of Jainism.

Shri Dilipbhai Shah, because of his association with the project, stressed the need for a good publication of this book. Because of his goodwill and persuasiveness, the task of publishing this work was taken up and could be completed. We are indeed delighted, to see the outcome of our efforts.

We thank the donors and colleagues who contributed to this publication.

We also express our deep sense of gratitude to the "Jaina" America for their co-operation and for taking interest in publishing this work.

Jītendra Shah

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