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Posted: 22.03.2017

01.26 Vishuddhikshetraswāmivishayebhyo'vadhima-nahp aryāyayoh



विशुद्धिक्षेत्रस्वामिविषयेभ्योऽवधिमन:पर्याययो: ।


ऋजु और विपुलमती ये दो मन:पर्यायज्ञान है। विशुद्धि से और पतन के अभाव से उन दोनों का अन्तर है। विशुद्धि, क्षेत्र, स्वामी और विषय के द्वारा अवधि और मन:पर्याय में अन्तर होता है।


Clairvoyance and mind reading capacity differ in terms of purity, extent, nature of those who hold that and the subjects covered.

Clairvoyance as well as mind reading capability arises by virtue of internal purity. They, however, differ in four respects. The level of purity required for the former is lower than that for the latter. By virtue of that, the latter knows its subjects to a far greater extent than the former. On the other hand, the scope of the former can extend to the entire universe, while that of the latter is restricted to the area of human habitation; the former can be held by living beings belonging to any state of existence (humans, heavenly beings, creatures and infernal beings), while the latter is held only by spiritually advanced human beings; the former can relate to all the tangible objects, while the latter relates only to the mental states.


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