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Posted: 06.06.2017

07.12 Moorchcnhā Parigrahah



मूर्च्छा परिग्रह: । 7/12


मूर्च्छा ही परिग्रह है।





Attachment for any object is possessiveness.

This sutra defines attachment as possessiveness. Instead of specifying the actual accumulation, the sutra lays emphasis on averting attachment. This is very pertinent, because it is possible that one may have lot of possessions, but he may not have attachment for that and he might be using his belongings for benevolent purposes. Instead of treating himself as the owner, he might be behaving as a trustee. In that case his possessions cannot be considered Parigrah (accumulation).

These five restraints may look independent of one another, but they are closely related. One, who observes non-violence, cannot resort to untruth and one, who is truthful, cannot indulge in violence. Moreover, such a person cannot stealthily take anything or try to accumulate. Similarly he cannot cherish the sensual pleasure. All the restraints are thus interconnected and one needs to have an integrated approach in observing them.

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