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Posted: 19.03.2017

01.20 Shrutam Matipoorvam Dwayanekdwādashbhedam



श्रुतं मतिपूर्व द्वयनेकद्वादशभेदम्:।


श्रुतज्ञान मति ज्ञान पूर्वक होता है, श्रुत ज्ञान दो प्रकार का है, अंग बाह्य और अंग प्रविष्ट। अंग बाह्य के अनेक भेद है और अंग प्रविष्ट के बारह भेद है।


Shruījanān arises by exercising intellect; it is gained from two sources, the former is of multiple types and the latter of twelve types.

Shrutjnān denotes the knowledge gained by oral instruction or by studying the texts. This sutra lays emphasis on the latter. That pertains to studying two categories of the sacred texts, viz. those belonging to original Āgam series and those, which are not. The former consists of 12 texts (the last one has been lost and now there are only eleven) like Achārāng, Sutrakrtāng and others composed by Lord's Ganadhars (principal pupils) and are termed as Angpravishta. The latter consists of other scriptures, which were composed by great Achāryas and are termed as Angbrahya. It is said that when the scriptures were first written around 455 CE, there were 84 texts in all. Some of them have been lost or destroyed and 45 are available at present.

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