The Support Of Faith: 01 ►Lamp of Faith and Wick of Character

Published: 21.01.2020

Man is the pivot around which all the cultural and civilizational activities move. Character is the essence of man. Character is known by thought. The decisive test of thought is behaviour. Lifestyle is determined by Philosophy. Philosophy is propounded by man. Thus, everything revolves around man himself.

What is our lifestyle today? Whether does it drive him? Whether man is providing shelter to others or is busy in depriving them? Whether he is giving new lease of life to others or taking away the life of others? Whether he is a connecting factor or is a separating one? Whether he removes the tears that roll down on other’s cheeks or causes suffering to him. Whether he takes recourse in religion for uplifting his life or makes it a cause of disagreement? Whether he is eager to listen to others or he is leading them to conclusions drawn by him? Who shall lead light to us on the dark crossroad? Who shall hold the lamp of hope?

Soaring high in the free sky of democratic values, where from these virtues came to us Indian democratic society has lived four decades now. What is the distance we have travelled so far? Whether man is static or has he travelled some distance. Whether, with the passage of time he has been able to advance or even the time stands still with him. Whether he has lost all his time in pondering over on past things or he has endeavoured to walk down in his journey ahead?

The journey of Anuvrat coincided with the journey of Indian democracy. It has been carrying out campaign of social and commercial reform. When one crosses forty, the eyesight gets blurred. A pair of spectacle makes it clear. The eyes of Anuvrat are its Philosophy. The light that emits from this philosophy fights against the darkness that exists in our society. However, its success is not so significant. Thus, it has to begin with some new methods and the style of Anuvrat should be made friendly to the style of democracy.

The philosophy of Anuvrat may benefit the life of the masses, and for that purpose it has to find the meaning which democracy carries. The civilization that is heading on the path of violence requires to be taught the lesson of love, brotherhood and mutual faith. It has to be restrained from excessive and wanton consumption. It has to be made aware of the importance of maintaining ecological balance; we have to dedicate ourselves to inculcate values in the masses.

Anuvrat is neither a sect nor a community. Its philosophy aspires to be the faith of universal man. Let a lamp of faith bum on the foundation of commitment and a tower of blazing light appear eliminating blurred faiths.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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