The Support Of Faith: 69 ►Gate of Entrance to the House

Published: 14.03.2020

Man wants to enter into his house. I wish to tell forthcoming things. 1 am telling that anyone who is to enter into the house and stay in it. After entering into house, a person, who leaves the house, becomes outsider, he can never enjoy staying in the house. What type of house? A house built by bricks, stones, lime, cement, concrete, iron etc. can never be own house. Own house is your own soul. Your house is your own belief in non-violence. Own house is your own religion. There are four doors to enter into this house—Calmness, Nature devoid of greediness, Simplicity and Tenderness.

‘Calmness’ is the symbol of peaceful co-existence. Person, who knows how to tolerate, never becomes impatient under any circumstances. Person, who knows how to tolerate, never becomes sorrowful. Person, who knows how to tolerate, never diverts from the path of progress. Impatient person is troubled by circumstances, pained by sorrow and pulls back his progressive steps. Such person can never live in his own house.

‘Nature devoid of greediness’ is the symbol of non-attachment. Thoughts of the person, who knows to relinquish greediness, are never clinched with material world. He treats material as a means of living. He is not committed to any person, place or specific object. The person, who lifts himself from the attachment to any object, is conversant with the art of living. Attached or greedy person cannot live in his own house.

‘Simplicity’ is a special quality of personality. ‘Maya’ has been supposed has ‘Salya’. Until mind is surrounded by hypnotist attitude, the fear of suspicion engulfs the person. A suspicious person can never live a secured life. He is suspicious without any reason and he is restless and disturbed. The person, who does not conceal anything, lives in his house without any suspicion.

Fourth door to enter into house is ‘tenderness’. Harshness splits the person. A plant of cane is so pliant that even unbearable stroke of storm cannot uproot it. Tenderness remains in body, in mind and also in thoughts. The person, who will knock this gate, door of his house will certainly open and he will be able to reside in it without any interruption.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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