The Support Of Faith: 40 ►Use and Training of Non-violence

Published: 18.02.2020

Much more is talked about non-violence. Several sermons are showered, but there is no arrangement for its training. In family life, social or national life, nothing is discussed about the use of non-violence. In the absence of its use, training becomes merely vocal. In view of this, serious thought is required in to it.

Original point of thought is based on the search for non- violence. What is non-violence‘? Why is it required? By whom it is brought forward and transformed. When and who became non- violent. Which type of problems he faced? How he found out its solution. Answer to all such types of questions is necessary to be explored in historical context. It is also essential to have such universities where proper training of non-violence is made available.

There was a time when India was regarded as the mastermind of the world in spiritual point of view. People of various countries used to come here to educate themselves in spiritual line. Today India is becoming the expectant of spiritual knowledge as well as material knowledge. I do not agree that there is no such element in India likely to be exported. In this century too, Indian saints, learned men and scientists have overwhelmed the world by their original thought and research. Problem is not of such kind that Indian people have lost their intuition; the only problem lies in the fact that they have lost their self-confidence. Unless their own knowledge and scientific view is praised or supported by foreigners, they are not valued. Today it is mostly required that India should learn to evaluate itself and regain its lost fame.

History of Science is only four hundred years old, while the tradition of spirituality is thousands years old. Principle of non- violence is the magnificent gift of our spiritual knowledge. This cannot enrich our life unless three qualities are fomented. These qualities are—equality, capability and affection. Only such persons can maintain balance in favourable and adverse circumstances in whose life equality is engulfed. If any incapable person uses equality it is not a matter of much significance. Only by flourishing equality with all types of capability, its value increases. In the behaviour of capable person, equality can be observed only when his heart is full of affection and intimacy to each creature.

After absorbing these three formulas, neither can be cheated nor can be exploited. Moreover, no such luxurious material can be consumed which is generated by violence and no animal can be preyed. If we analyse minutely, we will feel that these attitudes are being the part and parcel of terrorism. The day when training and use of non-violence will be feasible, the impact of these problems will be diluted automatically.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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