The Support Of Faith: 43 ►Environment and Restraint

Published: 20.02.2020

Human life is deeply related with environment. Balanced environment may provide long life to men. As per Environmental Science, misbalanced environment may cause crisis to human race. At first this issue was raised at Stockholm the capital of Sweden on 10th June, 1972. At that time United Nations Global Environment Conference was convened. In order to aware the people of this issue, every year environment day is celebrated on 5th June. How many people co-relate themselves with this day and take care of it —it is a matter of separate celebration.

Simple meaning of environment is natural environment. Mainly there are three components of it—Land, Air and Water. The stage of their misbalance is called ‘Pollution’. Environment is misbalanced due to pollution. Problem of misbalance is natural as well as man- made. Smoke of forest, fire ashes of volcanoes, dust particle of salt in oceanic regions etc., are the natural causes. Problems which are increasing due to industrialisation and urbanisation are caused by men. Chemical mixtures and useless garbage thrown in the rivers, polluted atmosphere due to the smoke emanating from the factories, destruction of forests and excessive utilization of minerals are some factors which are quite enough to disturb the nature.

If there is any reason functioning actively for natural calamities like heavy rainfall, drought and land erosion—that reason is the imbalance of environment.

Even after being affected by dangerous consequences of unbalanced environment, men are not conscious. He is excessively teasing the animals of earth, vegetables and particles. Science has opened the door of new possibilities of knowledge and has made material facilities easily available. But this trend is directed to unwanted possession on nature which is pushing the universe towards destruction. I am not against science, but crossing limit in any area is not justified.

‘Anuvrat’ has the solution of this inflating problem of environment. The message of Anuvrat is संयम: खल जीवनम which means that restraint is life. Man should learn to live life with restraint. If self-control is aimed at every walk of life like taking food, water, wearing clothes, travelling, talking, taking bath etc., human race may get relief. On the basis of this thought, we have decided to have an agenda of environment and pollution in the yearly programme of ‘Anuvrat’. If the attention of the people is attracted towards this matter, we can get rid of this deadly problem.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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