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The Support Of Faith: 58 ►As is the Public and so is the Leader

Published: 03.03.2020

‘As is the public and so is the leader’- once upon a time this conception was very much believed. In today’s Circumstances It has lost its meaning. Now the era of kings is no more. Monarchy was treated as dictatorship. At the advent of democracy, the tradition of kings vanished. Throne of power became open to the general people. Under this circumstance ‘As the public and so as leader’ principle is applicable. In this process the flow of goodness or badness goes from bottom to top rather than top to bottom. With this view in mind we deliberated on the issue to train the public. If public is trained, leader will be trained automatically.

As a result of sudden turning point in politics, Chandrashekhar resigned from his post as P.M. A lot of turmoil went on for so many days. Fresh exercise of tagging started. In anticipation of so many possibilities, we waited for the decision of the ‘President. Lastly Loksabha was dissolved on 13th March and declaration with regard to election was made. Is it the correct solution of the problem? If in this election the same people grab the power by way of supporting stand of votes, what will be the benefit to the country? If these times also no party gains clear majority and coalition Government is formed, how long will it last? There are some questions like this, the fog of which has gloomed the future of India.

Neither the leaders nor the political parties have the ability to save the boat of democracy which is sinking in the sea of election. Only the public has such ability. Now public is to decide about the nature of government they want. The burning question before the public is to whom they would cast vote? On the one side the ailment of castes is thundering and on another communalism is knocking at the door. On one side there is rush of the people wearing the mask of parties and on the other side people advocating the issues of language and provincialism are standing alert. If the public casts its vote on these issues, new election will not be of much use. Rising above all these issues, if people with trained personality are given opportunity, possibility of change can expand its wings.

India is the largest democratic country in the world. If proper training of democracy is not imparted even here, what can we expect from others‘? Why India, the country embalmed as trainer of character to the world, is becoming so helpless‘? Which demon of self-interest is dictating it to dance to its own tune? Whether the public of this country cannot think over the role of serving others and concentrating on supreme power. I believe that once public, political parties, self-help institutions and religious preachers assault collectively on these evils, which are weakening the root of democracy, new awakening will definitely spring up.

Public has to face the challenge of ensuing election whether willingly or unwillingly. Now the future of the nation is entirely on their hands. Only it has the capacity to provide competent and healthy leadership. If there is any lapse in this sphere, public I will be accountable. In this situation they have to rotate their thoughts with utmost honesty and with full consciousness. As such period of next two months is very crucial. During this time they are to debar themselves from fear, temptation and self-interest and work as per their conscience.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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