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The Support Of Faith: 74 ►Dharma and Mazhab

Published: 19.03.2020

‘Mazhab’ and ‘Dharma’ are two different concepts. ‘Dharma’ is a comprehensive idea and ‘Mazhab’ is a confined concept. ‘Dharma’ is a universal concept whereas ‘Mazhab’ is controlled by country, period and circumstances. ‘Dharma’ is truth, whereas ‘Mazhab’ is tradition. May it be so ancient, bold and eminent, but it can’t reach the height of Dharma. On the basis of this experience, I have conceptualized that Dharma is always above community.

In respect of Dharma there is an exclusive history of struggle. Historians have incorporated in its history the battles in the name of religion. But I am of the opinion that religion never gives rise to struggle or battle. Battles so far fought in disguise of religion, are the battles for ‘Mazhab’, ‘Dharma’ neither fights nor trains fighters. If there is any fight in the name of ‘Dharma’, in fact it is understandably not ‘Dharma’.

“We are to put out fire, not to put in the same (हम आग बुझाने वाले है हम आग लगाना क्या जाने) For whatever purpose the poet has written this line, it can be conceptualised in the context of religion. The function of ‘Dharma’ is to put out fire. There is no such element in it which may generate fire. As such when allegation of putting in fire is hurled on it, the truth ‘Dharma’ is defamed on the pretext of ‘Mazhab’ — comes out ‘Dharma’ does not put in neither fire nor it splits and alleges anyone. All these evils are committed by the ‘Mazhab’ minded people.

In view of undesirable deeds of ‘Mazhab’ some persons have also advised that ‘Mazhab’ should be demolished. After thinking seriously on this issue, we come to the conclusion that demolition of ‘Mazhab’ is not out of risk. ‘Mazhab’ has its own effective role for the preservation of ‘Dharma’. As the upper portion (छिलका) of the fruit is of great use for the safety of the fruit, similarly community has a very positive role in sustaining life to the religion. If we have to get the inner component (गिरी) of coconut, it is essential to have its wooden upper portion (छिलका). Similarly it is not undesirable to take the support of ‘Mazhab’ for communicating ‘Dharma’ to the public life.

After classifying the difference between ‘Dharma’ and ‘Mazhab’ we should concentrate on the point that no way ‘Dharma should shape like ‘Mazhab’. ‘Dharma’ is neither a tradition nor an organization. Dharma is the application of truth, non-violence etc. in life. Anybody can apply it anywhere. only original concept is that ‘Mazhab’ and ‘Dharma’ can’t be the same perception.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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