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Published: 13.03.2020

Some people think that there is no scope of development in the concept of religion. They suppose that the existing course of state should not be intervened in any way. Religion is an eternal truth. It has been analytically dealt by the persons having multi-dimensional knowledge. How far the interference of the -persons having scanty knowledge in the concept analysed by highly knowledgeable persons will be judicious. In order to maintain the status of religion uninterrupted, it is essential not to obstruct its flow. In whatever form may it be, it should not be disturbed.

Reformists have another thought. They opine that change is inevitable. Whether it may be a person, material or principle, it is necessary to change the same for going forward with the trends of time. Reluctance to accept change is to patronize conservatism openly. Those things which have changed still exist. Existence of the people perplexed by the change has become deem or outcaste. Those who are not in a position to change, themselves how they can change others?

There are so many aspects of thought. Each aspect has relative value. Difficulty emerged as a result of forgetting the principle of relativism, is more difficult to overcome. I believe in the principle that the religion flowing on both the banks of enteral and non- eternal perception can be useful for the society. So far as the question of religious tradition is conceded it comprises less enteral elements. Enteral truth germinates from feeling so experienced.

Tradition is progressive; Progress is not possible without change. Experienced truth is full edged. All the ways of progress are already open by going through it. What is the use of opening the object which is already opened? Openness is meaningful in the situation where something is blocked. Curiosity increases in that state of mind where something is unknown. Who will come forward to appraise the known things?

Religion does not provide the sources to move life, but of course, it teaches the art of living. First destination of an artistic life is up gradation of humanity. Modern man may import the materials useful for life, but how he can import humanity? Humanity is a ray of truth. It should be freed from the boundary of tradition and be focused on the foundation of experience. Humanity is the foundation of religion. Person stacked on that foundation is a religious person in true sense. It is not possible to absorb the genre of religion for a person with the veil of religionist supported only by worshipping or following the holy practices related to the same. I fully believe that the plant of religion can only flourish on the surface of human values.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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