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The Support Of Faith: 45 ►A New form of Violence

Published: 22.02.2020

Public-profile of the world is terrified by violence. After getting up in the morning, newspaper is in his hands. Headlines of the newspaper attract his attention. After going through the news, he is shocked. Any news relating to murder, tussle, kidnapping, rape, theft does not please him. Still newspapers are being read. Somebody is disturbed, someone becomes indifferent and someone feels pleasure. Pleasant feeling is not at all related with violent incidents. But the man who is not sensitive, clouded by pessimistic thoughts ejects humanity, how his conduct may be cordial?

Violence is problem. Even after being permanent, it is difficult to determine its nature. It has no uniform face. It wears new marks frequently. Camel-race in Arabian countries is a new form of violence. Rich persons of these countries organize the programme of camel-race for their entertainment. This tradition is going on in United Arab Emirates since long. Rich spectators throw money madly to the organizers for entertaining them. Innocent children in the age group of five to ten are crushed in between these two corridors, due to temptation of money and entertainment.

Organizers of camel-race programme purchase children for their own interest. They tie them up on the back of the camel. Then they let the camels to run. Being horrified, children cry, camels fasten their run by the shrill cry of the children. Camels run. This terribly frightens the children and they cry more, shrills cry of the children causes fast speed of the camels and this fast speed enhances the cry of the children. This game does not last long. Most of the children cannot bear this situation. Their heart beating stops. Whether the people who enjoy the contemptible and painful scene of killing the children, have heart or not? This is an unanswered question.

Another question arises that from where the children, being used for camel-race, are brought? Whether they hail from United Arab Emirates or they hail from other countries. The information available from the persons investigating this matter reveals that most of these children are stolen. Who are accountable for the misery that happens in the life ‘of the children, who are the future of family, society or nation? On one side momenta entertainment and on another side such a cruel mockery with the innocent lives. Whether the animosity is not ruling over humanity?

It is said that the child is alike God. How the people who torture such Godly children, can live without being tortured. Anuvrat classifies such cruel violence as resolved violence (संकल्पजा हिंसा). This is the expression of demoniac attitude being mustered within the mind of men. This is the madness of affluence. It is essential to awake the public-opinion to eradicate such thing. If the public-opinion of the world firmly opposes it, such crime may be rooted out. This requires organised will-power and planned campaign, Alas! May such a day come soon and the voice सव्वे पाना ण हतव्या is echoed in the horizon of humanity.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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