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The Support Of Faith: 38 ►Meditative Approach to Humanity— Meditative Approach for All

Published: 16.02.2020

Great men are the pride of human race. Their personality is uni focussed and unified. Their message is undivided. They are the ideal for all. They have no race or caste, they have no country, and they have no community. However, they are being linked with race, country and community. And even so, their followers themselves divide them and separate camps are staged in the world.

Jain people suppose that they have command over Bhagwan Mahaveer. But Mahaveer did not convey his message only for Jain Society. Mohammed Sahib is the prophet of Muslims. Whether His preaching was meant only for Muslims? Traditional people regard as devotee to Bhagwan Ram.. Whether His message was meant only for traditional people. All the great men alike Mahaveer, Buddha, Muhammad, Nanak, Ram, Krishna etc., had the feeling of welfare for the entire humanity. They wanted meditative approach (योगक्षेम) for all. In their view no one was close or outsider. It is surprising to observe that great men, who advocated the magnanimous philosophy of life, have been erected in small cages. As a result, their personality was diverged, their philosophy was divided and lifestyle formulated by them was scattered.

Philosophy of great men is eternal. Spots of time do not swallow them. What they told thousands years ago, are echoed even today? Alas! Such a medium or apparatus could convince men that responding to great men by that echo the fact that enteral and fiery feature of truth may blemish but its flame never puts out.

If the philosophy or thought is expressed, its original characteristics can be defined in this way—do not praise revered persons. It may be their liking. It may be beneficial to them. It may help them to get some purpose fulfilled. It is one sided thought. Do not rule over any one. Do not snatch or role. Do not deprive any one of his fundamental rights. To keep anyone alive is not so easy but at least do not kill anyone of. It is not possible to commit to make anyone happy, but at least do not aggrieve anyone.

If we go through any holy book, its articles will contain this truth either in short or in detail. In order to explore the solution of the problems alike the wall of narrowness among men, increasing trend of discrimination and touch ability in the name of caste and community, we have to involve our activity the cause of humanity. On the day when men will come to know that ‘First of all Man is to be man’ then Hindu or Muslim’—message of Great men could be effective. '


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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