The Support Of Faith: 63 ►Politics and Religion

Published: 08.03.2020

Future of the nation is reflected in the Parliament. Those who are elected to the parliament on the basis of mass-verdict understand the aspirations of the people, resolve to fulfil the same and apply their bold manliness to comply with the resolution, they can contribute to build-up better future for the country. But those who intervene improperly to be in the parliament from back side, mislead the electors by tempting them, hide the factual position by disposing the smoke of fear and try to enter into the narrow lanes of power with the support of ladder of votes programme. What dream they will see for the development of the country and why they will aspire to set up spiritual and moral values?

The burning issue of today’s politics is secularism. In view of conflicts and narrowness in the name of religion, constitution has perhaps graded India as a secular country. But it was not appropriate. When Sampumanadji was the Governor of Rajasthan, he called on me. He graced welcome by his presence. In course of deliberation he said, “Acharyaji! A vital confusion is going on. India is being stated as secular country. In other words this country is being told as the country devoid of religion. This is wrong. This word is creating mess. People are thinking that religion is not necessary for life. If you can get this word changed, our country will be benefited a lot.” I said to him, “ls it not your function?” He said very simply, “Persons like me are directly associated with the Government. We cannot change it. You may give direction.”

The view of Dr. Sampumanand appeared correct to me. In religion-oriented country like India, if it is taken as granted that religion is not acceptable or religion is not required, it will be a matter of grave concern. When’ and how this misconception the constitution, it could not be found out. In this context, I had a talk with Rajiv Gandhi. He was also of the opinion that if people detach religion from their life-style, what will last then?

When the issue of unity and difference between religion and politics is raised on the floor and we pour into its deep impact, we feel that it is rather the imbroglio of religions. Religion has its own space and politics too has its own space. It is proper that both should be active in their own area. It is not at all desirable to mix politics with religion. Religion is related with the holiness of life. This is an eternal truth. Its original nature can never be debatable. When filthy feeling encroaches into it, dispute emerges. It is also the function of religion to purify the filthy things inflated from other areas. It itself it is defaced how it will assure its responsibility.

Politics has its own limitations. If limit is not surpassed, politics cannot be polluted. But today situation has become such that the smell of dishonesty has poured into politics. In order to brighten its profile, it is necessary to evaluate the character of the people entering into politics. A new method of character-test, alike I.Q. test, should be introduced. When persons with perfect character will lead the chariot of politics, the possibility of its deviation in wrong direction will be diluted.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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