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Published: 20.03.2020

After completing the tenure of ten year as Secretary General of United Nations Xavier Paraes the Quea is retiring from his post this year gloriously. This organization comprising about 160 countries is going to complete four decades and six eras. Shri Boutros Ghali has been elected the post of Secretary General for five years with effect from 1st January, 1992. Before taking charge of his post Mr. Boutros Ghali has declared his policy and programme. It can be presumed on the basis of his declaration that his aims are liberal and programmes are well-planned. Which measures are to be adopted for achieving the goals and how the programmes will be implemented? These are in the backdrop of future. However, it is clearly evident that the intentions of Mr. Ghali are in conformity, with the dignity of his post. Four issues of his declarations are very remarkable which are as follows:

  • To strengthen more United Nations Organization.
  • To endeavour and mitigate the discrimination between rich and poor nations.
  • To ensure international peace and security.
  • To encourage democratic institutions.

No objection has been heard with regard to the said four issues of the programme. What we apprehend is about its implementation. Why should anybody apprehend before the initiation of the work. It is a fact that the determination is good. First of all feeling of determination arouses in the mind and heart of man. Then the step of implementation begins. If the determination is sluggish, the path ahead totally becomes blocked.

The basic foundation of any institution is its profile of organization. If foundation is strong, a palatial building may be constructed. If the foundation of any organization itself is weak; how its prospect will shape—is beyond thought. If the foundation is irresistible, the building can be used for longer duration even after its negligible ‘defects. If the leader of the institution is indifferent to the interests of the organization, he can neither do well-being for himself nor for others. Moreover, he cannot graph a fully prospective future for his institution.

Problem of affluence and poverty is not new. Once upon a time this problem was used to be linked with professionalism. Now the definition of professionalism has changed. In current circumstances, the person who does not make effort to bridge the gap between rich and poor, inferior and superior, is regarded as unsuccessful. On one stand of the scales deciding the fortune of man is depicting deeds and another is expressing manly boldness. The deed which is possible by manly boldness, how it is justified to overlay the same in the hands of fortune. It is not necessary that each bold man is successful.

If efforts are being made to lift a paralysed person, how it can be possible? Even then the physician does not give up his efforts until the patient takes his last breath.

The issue of international peace and security is the most significant issue of -United Nations. There was a time, small countries entangled with each other. Occasionally the trumpet of war used to sound. Today not only small countries, but also large countries are trying to avoid the possibilities of war. Improvement in international relations may assure peace and security. On one side, there is scarcity of bread for the people and on the other there is excessive expenditure on the manufacture of weapons. If Secretary General of United Nations can remove this discrepancy, it will be a remarkable achievement during his tenure. We pray that good sense may prevail on large nations. If they thought to limit their store of weapons from the beginning, the idea Of international peace may be fruitful.

It is the requirement of the age that democratic institutions, values and beliefs are promoted. Otherwise democracy cannot be saved from being ineffective and powerless. It is the truth that only democracy can safeguard the human interests. But it is not sufficient only to recognize the process of election for the fulfillment of above requirement. Training of public is essential. Unless the general public is trained, crisis hovering around the democratic institutions will not disappear.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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