The Support Of Faith: 36 ►Value of Restraint

Published: 14.02.2020

It is the common phenomenon that rain tall is meagre in India. Opinion of the specialists differs from this fact. Their observation portrays that in view of rainfall, position of India is better than other countries of the world. The rainfall in the areas of India, which is prominently known as deserts, is much more than the middle west of America. Despite this fact, places like Jaisalmer are affected by famine every year.

Water is the prime requirement of life. Man can live month after month without food, but in the absence of water it is difficult to live even for some days. It is apprehended that at the time of beginning of Twenty-first century, water will pose a very critical problem. In the towns where facilities of tube well are being extended, there also the deficiency of water is increasing. Then what can be said about the condition of villages?

In the country, there are about ten lakh villages and country sides. It is reported that at least six lakh villages are facing the problem of drinking water. Deficiency of natural water, low water level of underground sources of water, polluted water of rivers and wells due to factories and ever increasing use of water are the reasons for deepening the crisis of drinking water continuously.

On the one hand the deficiency of drinking water and on the other, unnecessary ‘flow of water emanating from the pipes. Water for bathing and washing clothes is being misused to such extent that people are afraid that a time will soon come when water will be in the eyes, but drinking water will not be available. In this panic situation which will be the alternative source of water.

‘Anuvrat’ is so much watchful to the contemporary problems as it is conscious about the moral values. The foundation of ‘Anuvrat’ is restraint. If man understands the value of restraint, does not misuse the water, restrains him at the time of using each drop of water and may fix a limit at least for himself, problem of drinking water will not be so alarming. We can believe in this concept."

Does India and the Jain religion has no culture of its own? This is being neglected even after witnessing the flow of the mixture of such cultures. These people, who are concerned a little about their own civilization and culture, are to be always aware of setting up healthy values of life. They should present such an alternative manner of life by which the attention of diverging people may be drawn to the same.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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