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The Support Of Faith: 92 ►Which should be the Path?

Published: 04.04.2020

Since the period man began to live in the society, he intended to live a respectable life. Resolution to live a respectable life is the first brick of the texture of social life-style. A society without propriety cannot last long. A society devoid of social propriety cannot open up the path of progress. A society in the absence of respectable status cannot provide justice and equitable distribution. In order to make the society healthy and progressive, propriety has an important role.

Propriety is nectar whereas status devoid of propriety is poison. Propriety is like a garden full of fruits and flowers and status without propriety is alike flaming fire. Propriety is the path of welfare whereas status without propriety is like a house affected by calamity. Propriety is illuminative and status without propriety is alike a place engulfed in darkness. Propriety is a restraint and the latitude devoid of prestige is something alike insanity. Whenever man has surpassed propriety, he has swallowed poison burnt his hands in flaming fire, stepped into the route of calamity, embraced the darkness and has terrorized the world carelessly.

Sea has its own propriety. Earth has also its own propriety The Sun, the Moon and the Stars are also bound in their own propriety. The forest has its own propriety, towns have their own propriety. Beasts and birds adhere to their own proprieties. Whenever any element of the creation dishonours propriety turmoil -like situation is observed. This is the principle of ecology. Why a man, aware of this principle, shall shake’ off his own propriety?

Whether he again wants to be unsocial? If not, why he is trying to dislodge his entire propriety forever.

Once a time comes in course of periodic-cycle of creation when man forgets his propriety and paves the path of disaster and finishes the existence of human society. But that time is now far away. In the sixth episode of periodic—the cycle of creation so happens. Now we are in its living fifth episode. In fact we are living in l/4th portion of fifth episode. Then whether we are stretching the time desperately? It is said that a hole has been witnessed in the layer of ozone. Adverse effect in respect of time is due to this fact. OK, it may so happen. But man should also think about the person, who has teased Ozone?

It appears that the machinery of man’s mind has become sluggish. That is why he has lost the conscience to identify the difference between proper deed and misdeed. He has forgotten the sense of avoidable and palatable things. He is giving up human qualities and becoming demon. We have to see what he aspires? If he wants to live a pleasant and peaceful life, it is not the right path.

Darbar of Junagadh went on hunt. He went too far in the forest, but could not get any animal. When he was coming back, he catches four-five rabbits. When he went ahead, he forgot the route. There he met an old man. He asked him the route. He said, ‘Which of the path you are asking? Path of hell or the path of heaven? If you want to go to heaven, leave the -violence towards creatures, otherwise be prepared for entrance to hell.’ Such a sensory reply of the old man pinched the heart of Durbar alike arrow. In folding hands he said, ‘Baba! Since today I shall never kill any animal.’

Whether man of this age will be inspired by such address? Whether he will convert his path? There are two paths before him —one is the path of propriety and another is the path of the status devoid of propriety. If he is to live a heavenly life and to experience the pleasure of prosperity and peace, he is to choose the path of propriety sooner or later.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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