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The Support Of Faith: 71 ►Demobilization: Super Religion (Aparigraha: Parmodharma)

Published: 16.03.2020

A person standing in the court-podium (Katghara) of language, province, caste, religion, community, party and selfishness etc. cannot determine his destination to nationality or humanity, Aspiration being emerged under this feeling cannot induce conscience into the person. Such person cannot be so useful for the identity of the nation. In the context of national problems, his thought cannot be neutral. It is because he is biased with some assumption or issue.

Breaking the court-podium of language, province, community etc., the approach and thought of a person standing under the open sky, can be his own original identity. Today requires a person with such identity. Such instances are not found, where any person bound with biased views and prejudices have moved with the time.

Whenever contemporary problems are debated, one question primarily comes forth. It relates to violence and Parigraha. Whether root of the problem is violence or Parigraha? Violence is broadly apparent, Parigraha is minute and it does not appear so apparently alike violence. That is why problems emerging today are being linked with violence. Why there is tension in Punjab? Why violence is being committed there? Why there is unrest in Gujarat? Why violence is provoked there‘? What is happening in Sri Lanka? Why violence has evoked there between Tamils and Singhalese? Everywhere violence is the talk of the day.

Recently incidents of arson, explosion, kidnapping, robbery, murder and suicide are occurring in many parts of the country. Why this is happening? Some people are saying that all problems can be solved by stopping violence. In one point of view this thought is appropriate, because violence in its various forms is overriding the world and it is causing so many problems.

In another angle of thought two aspects of the problem are stickled—violence the mobilization (परिग्रह). In between these two aspects mobilization (परिग्रह) is and primary aspect and violence is secondary aspect. Where there is tendency of Parigraha, violence invariably will prevail. If the person, society or nation is in tune of Parigraha, violence cannot be avoided. Generation and safe preservation of the mentality of mobilization—both cause the emergence of violence. If the tendency of Parigraha is active, violent habits will be nourished. Hence it is essential to discuss about the problems relating to mentality of mobilization (परिग्रह), before finding out the solution of violence.

The tendency of Parigraha is more related with mind-set rather than object. Unless the illusion of mind is cracked, the concept of ‘Parigraha’ will be forceful, even in the absence of an object is the generator of violence. As such it will not be appropriate to stick to one aspect of the problem. In order to settle the problem of violence, the concept of mobilization is to be understood. By arising the conscience of Demobilization (Aparigraha) the attitude of mobilization (Parigraha) is to be regulated. ‘Non-violence is Super Religion’ (अपरिग्रह परमोधर्म:) is an acclaimed concept. Before materializing this concept the principle of ‘Demobilization: Super religion’ (अपरिग्रह परमोधर्म:) is to be stabilised in life. I believe that measures to solve many problems will be available to us when the concept of Demobilization (अपरिग्रह) will be established in public life.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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