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The Support Of Faith: 101 ►Dark Cave

Published: 10.04.2020

Man is an intelligent creature. He has deep sense of understanding and also the intelligence. He has also conscience. He can think about his interest and non-interest. He can discriminate between deeds and misdeeds. He can definitely understand his benefit and loss. But the person, whose thought becomes hazy, conscience sleeps and sense of understanding is worn out, how he can reach to the top of the society and contribute to national development.

God knows what happens to India‘? His heart and mind is under the grip of weevil in such a way which is hollowing it internally. The name of that weevil is blind-imitation. Imitation may be a ladder for development, provided it is done to achieve some good thing. But ignoring the qualitative aspects,(अदेय वस्तुओं) in respect of any person, society and the nation and clutching the undesirable attitudes, is to push our self into dark cave.

One part of the practice relating to intoxication is smoking. In the last few days it is aired that Golden Tobacco Company is manufacturing a special cigarette for the ladies. That cigarette will be smoked by ladies only. That cigarette is now available in the displayed to draw the attention of the ladies towards this cigarette but why this is being done? Ladies claiming for equal rights and equal status alike male are themselves inviting this perversion or male society is curtaining their intelligence in order to tarnish their bright character.

During my travels, I saw a greenish firm. There was no barrier of that firm. I was surprised. I asked, ‘The village has a greenish firm, but there is no barrier. Whether animals do not damage it?’ Hearing my word, a villager-brother said, ‘You do not know that it is a firm of tobacco. Neither the bull nor the ass eats it.’ I spoke in spontaneity, ‘Only one animal eats it and that animal is man.’

It is openly warned on the packets of cigarette that it is injurious to health. Several doctors, authenticating this truth, have said that tobacco smoking or chewing causes incurable disease like cancer. Despite this warning, males could not control themselves. Some ladies in rural areas began to smoke Biri unknowingly. Those ladies, who were participating in the race of modernity, cigarette-smoking penetrated into their lives.’ But common ladies of India are untouched with this disease.

Cigarette manufacturing particularly for ladies and linking the same by the glaze of advertisement is nothing but to push the ladies into the holes of degradation. Companies, manufacturing such cigarettes, may earn profit from the same, but it will damage the culture of the company. Who will take care of it? It is the responsibility of the organization of ladies and leading women, that they should initiate a solid campaign to demolish this perversion well before their germination. Otherwise if the above practice expands, the boldness of the character of ladies will scratch. It will affect everyone - may it be family, society or the nation. If the ladies, who are awakening the entire world of the values of character and culture, wrongfully step into this direction, it will be very difficult to come back.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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