The Support Of Faith: 28 ►Direct-Approach to Pleasure

Published: 07.02.2020

The emperor had everything, but factually nothing. He was the owner of a large area of land. He was not devoid of grandeur. His army had affluent power of weapons. Knowledgeable and experienced persons were attached to his ministry. He had the influence over the nearby kings. In view of family background, the king had no scarcity. Despite this, the emperor was not happy. Neither he felt hungry in time nor could he sleep soundly. Physicians of the empire treated him to their level best, but the emperor was not relieved of his problems.

There was stability, carefree atmosphere and peace in the kingdom. The subjects were satisfied; still the emperor was always alert. He used to change his dress of and on so that he could take care of the pains and pleasure of the people.

One day with this angle in mind he was roaring out of the premises. He saw that a farmer was sleeping in the field, the earth is like his bed and shadow of the tree is like his bed-sheet. Despite the uneven land he was sleeping so soundly that even the harsh noise could not disturb his sleep. The emperor was jealous of him. But he was not in a position to do anything. The sleep was not such a thing that could be bought by paying demanded price. He thought ‘The farmer had the skill of sleep. This skill should be learnt’. Sitting under the tree he waited for the time when the farmer would be awakening.

After some time the farmer leisurely awoke. The emperor asked him about the cause of his sleep. The farmer could not recognize the emperor. He said “You could not have the sleep by sitting in this posture. If you want to learn the clue to sleep, you have to do as per my direction.” Without speaking anything, the emperor stood beside him. The farmer dressed the emperor and handed over Fawra to dig the soil equipment and said, “Dig the soil, fill up the hole and make the land plane.”

The emperor had not even lifted the pot of water by his own hand, but on that day he started to work by using ‘Fawra’ manually. After digging the soil for some time, he was tired. But he did not stop the work. After doing hard work for about one hour his body was draining in sweat, He was too weak to stand on his own leg. Being so exhausted he sat down. The farmer came to him and said in laughing mood, “Why are you so tired quickly?” The whole body of the emperor was groaning with pain. He could not alter a word. The farmer said, “No matter. Take some rest and then take a bath by drawing water from the well.”

After taking some rest, the emperor went near the well. He pulled out the water forcibly and bathed. Now he was too hungry. The farmer gave him rough bread prepared by Bajra. It was so sweet. His belly was fully contented to have the food. After gossiping futile talks, the farmer again handed over Fawra to the emperor. After digging soil for one hour the emperor was fully tired. The farmer told him to sleep under the cool shade of the tree. The emperor was desperately waiting for this moment. He kept the Fawra and slept instantly. Who cared about bed and pillow? There was a carpet on the earth. The emperor slept so soundly on the rough and dirty carpet that he awoke afresh after two hours.

On the day I read this story, I was fully convinced that the path of pleasure is neither status nor affluence. The only path to have pleasure is to do hard work. Our culture gives priority to hard work. So long as this culture is alive, no one can snatch the pleasure and happiness from the person.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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