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The Support Of Faith: 95 ►Instigating Factors of Crime

Published: 06.04.2020

People say this is the age of Science and Technology. It appears to me two things are increasing in this age—accidents and crime. Seldom are the days when accident does not occur. When and how accident occurs, nobody knows. When death is inevitable, it may happen anywhere. Surpassing the strongly-built blockade, it may reach to its ultimate end easily. Voice enriched with experience of Tirthankars and great men is expressing its reality at every stage.

On the occasion of Deepavali, in one of the shops of Faridabad which was full of crackers with gun powder caught fire. There were some other shops nearby. Among these shops, some shops were also selling crackers. There were also some shops selling other things. The flames of fire were spreading. Several shops were under the ablaze of the fire. Five persons comprising of elders and children were in one of the shops. Apprehending that the shop may be ablaze by fire, they closed down the shutter. The shop was closed, but there was a little gap in the lower portion. Smoke of gunpowder spread out of the shop. It entered inside through the gap. They tried to save the shop from fire. As a result of trying to protect the shop from fire it was fully filled with gas. Five persons locked in the shop died. What was their condition or mental state of mind, nobody could witness.

Such mishaps often occur. Somewhere train-accident, somewhere plane—crash, somewhere clashes of buses and cars, somewhere collision truck and Maruti. Sometimes persons are crushed by truck and sometimes they fell down being dashed by bus. Somewhere scooter topples and somewhere bus falls into the river or canal. Somewhere flood, somewhere earthquake, somewhere storm, somewhere bursting of volcano. There may be so many types of such accidents. If there is no reason, man he passionately hankers after death. So many new ways of suicide are coming forth. Witnessing these trends we have to say that this is the age of accident.

It is a matter of concern that crimes are increasing. But most annoying question is why accident is increasing? Which is the instigating factor due to which a man becomes a criminal? Which is the originating source of murder, tussle, snatching, robbery, rape, kidnapping etc.? How man became so cruel? He dissects a person like carrot and radish. He guns down innocent people collectively. Such incidents do not occur in dark night, but in open day-light. They do not occur in solitary forests, but in the midst of towns. Spectators simply watch the same. They are so terrified that neither they can speak anything nor can plunge into action. Criminals fulfil their motif calmly and fearlessly. After that whispering starts, how long such thing will last?

Victim to accident passes away. He leaves behind his bereaved family. Accidents do not occur intentionally. There are some reasons of the same. One of the reasons is drinking alcohol. Drivers drive cars, trucks rashly in drunken state. There is a rule of Anuvrat—not to drink alcoholic or intoxicant things. A simple rule can check major accidents. Alas! Man could understand its importance. Some accidents are natural and some occur due to mechanical defect. It may appear impossible to restraint the same. But why should we turn the possible process into impossible one?

If the mental attitude to murder, kidnapping etc. is not mended, the number of crimes will not decrease. Unless the mentality is purified, steps will be on wrong paths. If mental setup is sound, a person can look for own welfare and may eradicate the tragedy of others. A simple initiative to make the mental set-up healthy is to accept the shelter of Anuvrat. Deliberations on Anuvrat, self-study of Anuvrat literature and communication with the followers of Anuvrat are the three formulas to purify mentality. If Anuvrat is placed on public-life, on these support, attitude of criminals may change.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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