The Support Of Faith: 44 ►Question on the Original Identity of Culture

Published: 21.02.2020

Since last few years various cultures are mixed together in the name of modernity. It appears that such mixing tendency is more in India than other countries. In Jain culture, Vedic culture is mixed to such extent that difficulty is felt to segregate it from one-another. In the wake of safety of existence, all such things happened. But now what is the compulsion before Indians all due to which they have to adopt the food habits, living-style and manner of other culture.

Today in the villages of our country, cosmopolitan culture is being imposed and the impact of imported culture in the cities is increasing. In course of economic competition, human values are sputtering and in the name of freedom of ideas, social structure is dismantling. In the veil of smile, person wants to exhibit his happiness and joy. The incidents divesting the mind and heart internally and the painful pinch of memories go on troubling him. They are dragging their splattering family life towards uncertainty due to their mentality of congruent in narrow sphere. The changing profile of cultural values are becoming the issue of challenge to the original identity of culture.

As for example, we may talk about the fashion of celebrating 'Birth Day' and its method may be considered. There was a time when birth day of great men were being celebrated. There was no such practice to celebrate birth day of children. In the last few decades most of the parents are celebrating birth day of their children. In view of family rejoicing, it is not necessary to comment on its justification. But its actual shape which is evident today, is directly hammering on Jain and Vedic culture.

The first issue is language. In the name of life standard, giving importance English language is to ignore mother tongue. There are lakhs of children who do not know how to speak birthday better Happy Birth Day, unhesitatingly. The attitude like celebrating -festive get together on the occasion of birth day, preparing and purchasing cake, lighting of candles and putting them out, cutting of cake symbolize which culture? Whether it is mentioned in Jain Sastra? Where there is any reference of such practice in the books of traditional religion? If not then why are you freely contributing to adopt and flourish such imported culture?

Violence is a problem of recent times. But until the original reasons grooming in the root of this problem, is not viewed in the light of the problem and its solution is not sorted out violence cannot be stopped. Men should restrain their aspirations evaluate the utility of restraint and sacrifice and change the incorrect criteria. By doing so, solution of any problem can be solved.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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