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Published: 29.02.2020

Many a times an insignificant question arises that whether the number of good people or the number of bad people is more? If a planned survey is carried out, we may conclude that the number of bad people is less and the number of good people is more. This conclusion raises a new question that even after the more number of good people, why they are being tortured? The answer is clear that bad people are unified and organized. They can do anything by virtue of organization.

Thousands of students read in colleges. Among them twenty students are unruly and they are keen to behave indecently. They will terrorise rest of the students and compel them to support their wrong steps. Why? There is no organization of thousands of students. Their power is scattered. Their voice is speechless and they are shy in expressing their thought. In this situation they are pressurized and they become victim of politics.

The state of Punjab India is very prosperous, full of joy and a state of colourful glimpse. But people of that state have become tame and helpless in front of terrorists; there is no such a day when eight to ten innocent people are not killed. Why this is happening‘? This is happening because terrorists are organized, trained and they can play with their lives for attaining their purpose.

On the other side cores of people who do not have faith in violence, want to live peaceful life, but they are not in a position to confront with terrorists. This is because they have no organization. They are not geared up to use the spirit of non- violence. Unless directions with regard to exploring, training and using the spirit of non-violence are opened and people will make efforts to follow non-violent moves in an organized and disciplined manner, they will not be successful.

Organisation has its own power. Anybody can break a piece of wood, but if a bundle is made by tying up wood, it will be difficult to break it. Possibly due to this reason today each class is active in forming ‘Union’. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors, labourers, students, coolies—each class has its union. When required, they emerge as an organized power. But spiritually devoted and non-violent people are not only disorganized but also they are not cordially inter-related. ln this situation good people, even after their large majority are not in a position to do anything. It is a challenge for the persons having faith in non-violence, truth and character. If non-violent powers after overcoming this challenge are organized and active, power of bad people will be automatically diluted. In order to achieve this end, it is necessary for them to make remarkable achievement in the field of organization, discipline and dedication.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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