The Support Of Faith: 55 ►Lion Like but Dog likes Attitude

Published: 02.03.2020

There are two types of attitude within man—Lion like and shaky. When the lion is attacked by arrow or bullet, it looks behind. He is curious to know the direction from where the attack was made. Who did it? After that it prone to attacking mood towards the attacker and it wants to make his future safe by killing that fellow. When anybody throws stone at a dog, it stops. But it does not look behind. It is not attentive to the attacker, it licks that stone.

When people with shaky attitude think on any subject, they fix up a goal which can be sorted out promptly. Prompt solution of the problem is also useful. But it does not deter the problem. It changes the strategy and exposes itself in different form. Some people do not think about the problem unless they themselves are affected by it. It is also the pulling outcome of prompt thought. If any problem is analysed in universal angle, no person of any country can play the trick of hide and seek.

President Woodrow Wilson of America prepared the manifesto of ‘League of Nations’ in 1919. It has been written there——‘Any war or danger of war, whether it affects any member of the League or not, is a matter of concern for the League’. This thought is an indicator of a lion like attitude. Here problem has been dealt keeping in view the tri-periodical feature. It is necessary to develop this attitude. Otherwise power of man will be puzzled in search of sorting out problems It can neither solve the problem permanently nor it can avoid the dangers in future.

Problems a like violence, terror, terrorism habit of intoxication etc. have become the challenges of the country. Many deliberations are being made to solve these problems, but its solution is not observed. Reason is obvious; origin of the problem is not being looked into. We are running here and there for prompt solution on the basis of shaky attitude. But less attention is paid to find out the origin of the problem by adopting lion-like attitude. It may be time taking to find out the origin of the problem. But only by this process solution will be found out.

Training of non-violence is tri-periodical solution. We have initiated training of non-violence on the basis of this thought. In the context of international conference on this subject we have come to the conclusion that training of non-violence should be incorporated with education. Students should be trained in non- violence from the beginning. Theoretical and practical training should be scheduled continuously. If the format and examples of non-violence life-style is presented before them, that day will not be far away when we will hear that violence has surrendered before non-violence.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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