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The Support Of Faith: 37 ►Light of Faith: Fog of Faithlessness

Published: 15.02.2020

When a man takes a breath on the earth, the wave of revolutionary resplendent उत्क्रांति feeling are revealed in the world. A man puts footstep from the swing to the earth, the foundation of revolution is established. A person passes away and leaves such light by which the entire century is illuminated. On the other hand person passes away and in course of his movement he injures the humanity so bluntly that it does not heal up even in many decades. The entry and exit of such persons whose achievement is embalmed on the sculpture for welfare of the people are recognized as great men.of his age. They are also addressed as ‘Renowned figure of the age’ Age transform. But the philosophy of life of the renowned figure of the age remains permanently. The storm of time does not drive him out.

Bhagwan Mahaveer was the Twenty-fourth Tirthankar of Jain Tradition. What he told, he did and what he did, he told the same. His preaching was not verbal. There was a fragrance of practicality in it. He knew that it was essential to change the daily life style for changing the direction of life. His goal was to leave domestic life and accept the life of Shraman. In order to achieve this goal, he changed the life style. After that he resided in the palaces for two years, but palace could not grab him. He was a prince. He had the opportunity to relish the powers of king. Hut he changed the direction of his life. He lived in the palace like a common man. Simple clothing and simple food. By following the strict criteria of restraint, he deterred all the attacks of consumerism. Fabulous power of his restraint proved the hollowness of status and assets.

The followers of Bhagwan Mahaveer celebrate the day of His ‘Nirvan’. How? By wearing new clothes, eating sweets and feeding the same, lightening candles, clearing the houses and shops, glaring the utensils or illuminating the house by bulbs, they celebrate it. Whether it is the correct process of celebrating the day of ‘Nirvan’. Whether it has any impact of the philosophy of Mahaveer. The culture of exhibiting and glamorizing oneself and the showmanship is neither Jain culture nor the culture of Mahaveer. In order to celebrate Mahaveer in a befitting manner, we have to absorb the genuine character of restraint and equality.

India is a peaceful country. Its soil possesses the pious feature of non-violence. Its air has the smell of co-existence and co- ordination. Its water has the sweetness of brotherhood. Its land blooms with the crops of spirituality. What happened to that India‘? Why the poison of violence is pouring into the normal trend of life? Why the fog of faithlessness is shadowing the light of faith? Why the shadow of death is roaming around the eternal values of life? It is desirable that the ‘Day of Nirvan’ of Bhagwan Mahaveer should illuminate like the candle of motivation. You should examine all these questions in its light and search the solution which is disappearing in the darkness of negligence.

Notable persons of the country, who want to change the country, have to change their direction of life. It will be useless to expect such change from others without changing one’s own direction. It is not desirable to waste time for this requirement. This country has witnessed so many unwanted incidents. Its eyes are stunned. It is necessary to change the lifestyle of the countrymen before the encroachment of such evil incidents within the boundaries of our country. It should be the symbol of non-violence, restraint and asceticism. This should be the inspiring factor of 'Nirvan Diwas' of Mahaveer.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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