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Published: 08.04.2020

Man is a thoughtful creature. He thinks. His subjects of thought are both—the creature and the world. He thinks about animate things, he also thinks about inanimate things. He thinks about himself and for others too. His brain is a ready-made computer. The manufacturing of computer is also his creation. He thinks keeping cultural development of human life in centre; he formulates so many plans and also implements the same. It is to be observed that whether its developmental concepts are neglecting man or not.

Man requires food for livelihood. In meditational Age (यौगोलिक काल), there was no method to cook food, natural food was sufficient. Plants, roots, -fruits were the only food of men. In Meditational Age Kulkar (कुलकर) arrangement came into existence. Nabhi Raja was the ‘last Kulkar. In order to control the expanding mismanagement in the state, he throne Rishabh. At the time of Rishabh, life-style changed. Natural food was becoming insufficient. In that age agriculture developed. People grew crops. They invented fire. Method of cooking food came in vogue. Before Rishabh nature-gifted food was being utilized in the same form. In the age of Rishabhs, the process of cooking evolved but it did not affect the vegetarian food-habit of man.

Meat is not the food of man it is recognized opinion. People recognizing this opinion say, 'Meat is an unnatural food. It has poisonous effect on body. It enhances diseases and pollutes mental set-up. The texture of man's physique, particularly the shape of mouth, is not appropriate for eating meat.'

Some people regard meat as the natural food of man also. As per their opinion, in many countries of the world, eating meat is in vogue. Owing to eating meat, no major difference is observed between their thought and the behaviour of the people of those countries who take vegetarian food. If meat is not used as an item of food, food cannot be supplied for men.

In between these two concepts, the question arises about the source of the habit of eating meat. Man of Mediterranean Age was not non-vegetarian. How they became prone to such food-habit? Why? After accurate research in respect of the period and circumstances, it is possible to hold meaningful discussion on this issue. But perversion is pumped into food-culture without specific reason in the name of modernity and imitation. Justification of this tendency is beyond understanding.

Dr. Shailendra Shekhar has made conclusive remark with regard to eating meat in this way, ‘A non-vegetarian persons digests thirty thousand fishes, twenty-five thousand eggs, five thousand chickens, one to two thousand four-footed animals alike pigs, goats, cows etc. during his life-span. What is the effect of such meal on the body of a person? In order to be aware of this query, we have to pay heed to the conclusion of medical tests.

It is presumed that meat and egg contain Uric Acid. It increases the possibility of the diseases like arthritis, paralysis, respiratory trouble, insomnia, diabetes, eye-problem etc. Aggressive attitudes generating mental disorder alike—mentality of violence, malice, jealousy, irritative conduct are supposed to be the result of eating meat.

Some people arguing in support of eating meat say—crops grown in the world are not sufficient to satisfy the hunger of men. If eating meat is prohibited, man will have to starve, ‘So far as this argument is concerned, man’s intellectual capacity has become sharper. It is clustered with arguments it can provide unquestionable arguments in support of or against the utility of anything. But we cannot arrive at any appropriate consequence by injuring the sensitive aspect alike life by the arrows of argument.

It is essential to think over this issue rationally and in this respect we have to calculate the proportion of gain and damage.

Some people cite example of the countries like China and advocate for eating meat. When such people will feel the pinch and pain for overlooking the soil and culture of their own country, their soul will not forgive them. Those people whose views are stern on this aspect, we do not want to impose our thought on them, but if those people, who believe in Anekant.(अनेकान्त), live on the foothold of Anagraha (अनाग्रह), should review these subjects neutrally. The wrong presumptions in vogue with regard to eating meat may be stopped.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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