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The Support Of Faith: 34 ►Tragedy of the Era

Published: 12.02.2020

There are two types of truth—eternal and temporal. Enteral truth is consistent while temporal truth changes. Enteral truth is tri- dimensional temporal truth is valued only on current conditions, while enteral truth is universal. Temporal truth is confined to a specific sphere, enteral truth is for everyone. Temporal truth is also related with specific person or specific class. ‘Anuvrat’ is an eternal truth. It is relevant in present times also as it was in the past. Its relevance will remain in future also so long as the world warrants morality and character.

The name ‘Anuvrat’ is temporal. It can be changed at any time. But its principle is unchangeable—-Character, restraint, morality, honesty, devoicing luxurious mentality. Foregoing conservative ideas and non-intoxication are the principles of ‘Anuvrat’. Neither the flow of time can change it nor can the thought of the people mould it. Its shine will always illuminate on the forehead of time and the public life will be brightened by it.

‘Anuvrat’ is the philosophy of life, spirituality, religion and morality. In Indian culture, only the life encompassed with religion and morality is considered as life. Religion is the genetic element of life. The value of life devoid of religion cannot be so much than the value of a lifeless body. In view of this fact moralist has written—

यस्य धर्मविहिनानी दिनन्यायान्ति यन्ति च

न लोहपरमस्त्रेव शवसनपी न जीवति ॥

(The person in whose life religion has no impact, he only respires but do not live life. Such person can be compared only with the harper of blacksmith. Harper inhales air and releases it but it does not have the flow of life. Similarly life devoid of religion is devoid of lively energy.)

Here the question may be raised as to which is to be called religion. Religion of holy books? Religion of pious places or Religion of preaching places? In my opinion, no such religion can infuse lively energy into life. The religion which itself is dormant, how it can stimulate life into others. Spirited religion is—sanctity of life, healthy conduct and discipline. The outcome of any such religious ceremony may certainly make a person full of lively vigour.

‘Anuvrat’ is religion, but it is a religion without community. There is no domination of any community, caste or class over it. Therefore it is for all. Its motive is not to embody any person with some particular religion. Its aim is to lift the man to the top of humanity. Keeping this objective in mind, a code of conduct of ‘Anuvrat’ has been devised. Even by safeguarding own religious beliefs and processes of worship a person can be ‘Anuvrati’. There is only one condition— ‘Anuvrati’ should adhere to the code of conduct.

The biggest tragedy of any era is the negligence to the values of life. If man wants to make his life better than the past and wants to make it same meaningful, he has to evaluate the enteral truth. Overlooking the enteral truth, no person can reach to the top. It is my firm conviction that the person loyal to the enteral truth, can Witness it, and can lead valuable life overcoming the crisis of valuelessness.


Title:  The Support Of Faith

Acharya Tulsi


Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha

Publisher:  Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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