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Posted: 28.07.2017

As interesting as the ideas of previous and future births are, so mysterious and alluring are they. There is no definite thinking on this subject. There are as many ideas as people. Even those who profess disbelief in rebirth, enter into animated conversation about it and share the experience of others or what they themselves have gone through. Life is full of these ideas. Rarely we may meet people who have experienced it, but even rarer is the possibility of eliciting concrete information about it from them.

We are all travelling in the outer world and we enjoy doing so. But the journey into the inner world is even more exciting as a beautiful dream always is. One who is an experienced pilgrim along the inner route is Muni Kishanlal. Through Preksha Dhyan he turns the flow of life energy from shakti kendra to gyan kendra. He has done this many times and has also led practitioners to experience their previous births.

It is worth recollecting these profound words of Muni Kishanlal ji: The first step in the practice of meditation to recollect past lives is to learn to be stable, firm, so that in any situation, they remain so. Thereafter beginning with Kayotsarg, the journey goes into the past. With concentration, the recollections of the past life become clear. The darkness of the womb flees with the sound of mantras and one begins to see life as it existed before entering the womb.

The recollection of past life is called jatismriti. It can be done even through resolve and the practice of animesh preksha. Anupreksha is also a reliable method through which one can enter past life. Basically those who are truly committed can see their past life.

According to muniji, it is not only an individualistic practice, it can be done by many people together. Their experiences will be different depending on their life and karmas. Either way, they all report in great detail about what they experienced. This is not any illusion or made up story but the true experience of those who undertook the exercise in all earnestness.

Muni Kishanlal has not only done all these exercises himself but has also made many do so, generally in a group. They all have had many interesting and varied experiences. Through this their attitude has become more positive and their life style has changed.

Muni Kishanlal has compiled some interesting and unusual incidents in this book. Through this people have been able to understand many details and explain many problems of their life, thus it has acted as a bridge between the past and the present life of the practitioners.

Life is not limited to one birth nor is it a result of one previous birth. Many past lives mingle to make a person's present life and the shadows of the past life loom unseen around him or her. Even though much is known, much more will remain unknown for the mysteries of life can never be uncovered completely.

We have read of many instances where great people die without passing on their learning to even their most loved disciple or friend. That knowledge disappears with him or her.

From the ideas of rebirth and past life it is clear that man is not totally independent. His karmas decide much of his fate. He is a puppet hanging on an invisible string. Some incidents and events that happen in the present life indicate an unknown history.

It is our good fortune that from Jain Vishva Bharati (Jeevan Vigyan Academy, Ladnun) with the support of B.Jain Publishers, we are able to reach this book to many readers. We wish them all the very best

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