The Secret of Past Lives: A Pigeon in his previous birth

Published: 19.09.2017

Banshilal Banjara is an investigating officer in State Transport Corporation in Udaipur. He felt that he was a pigeon in his previous birth.

The meditation camp that was held in the morning was full of blissful experiences. It was a moment of joy. The afternoon session was for Preksha Meditation so that people could peep into their past. The instructions were given. Muni Kishanlal was chanting mantra and the gradual effect was that I could delve deep into my past. I was shedding tears. My eyelids became heavy and the journey into the past started. I went deep into the meditation. The questions as to who we were and where we were going kept echoing in the mind. I was plunged in darkness. I told Muni Shri that it was very dark. Nothing was visible. A deep well could be located. Munivar chanted and said, "There is light. Go back." On going back there was light in the well. I was in guise of a pigeon who appeared to be dead. Muni Shri said, "How did you get buried in the well?" I said, "There was an earthquake. The ground shook and the well had collapsed." Muni Shri said, "Go back into the next previous birth." I screamed and said, "I have been crushed because of the stampede. I saw the body of a boy." Munivar asked me, "What is your name?" In the beginning I could not speak. I felt choked. I said, "Muni Shri there is clash between two groups of castes. There is a lot of fighting and looting. People are running. There is a crowd that is clashing. I am running towards home from school. People are running helter-skelter to save themselves. I tried to save myself but I was caught in the stampede and was crushed. People are running to save themselves. I was feeling giddy. My head was aching.

Muni Shri relieved my body ache by chanting mantra. Though I am not a Jain I have tried to imbibe its teachings and follow it to refine myself, my behaviour and manners. The continual practice of Preksha Dhyan and Kayotsarg has brought much change in me and has surprisingly also changed my behaviour.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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