The Secret of Past Lives ► 13 ►The Manner of Knowing the Previous Birth through Preksha ► Contemplation of Fearlessness

Posted: 06.11.2017
  1. Select a Posture
  2. Mahapran Dhvani (6 times)
  3. Kayotsarg (5 minutes)
  4. Perception and Contemplation


  • Visualize particles of bright pink colour (like colour of rose) around you. Take a breath of bright pink colour. Experience that with each and every breath, bright pink coloured particles are entering your body (3 minutes).
  • Concentrate your conscious mind on Anand Kendra situated near the heart and now visualize bright pink colour on this Centre (3 minutes).
  • Now shift your attention to Darshan Kendra situated between your eye brows and contemplate.
    • My fearlessness is increasing.
    • My instinct of fear is diminishing.
    Repeat these sentences aloud nine times.
  • Mentally repeat these sentences nine times.
  • Now contemplate on the virtue of fearlessness.
    • Fear suppresses the developed abilities and does not allow the hidden potentials. I must therefore, strive to attain the virtue of fearlessness.
    • Everybody tries to frighten one who is afraid.
    • Fear makes a person coward.
    • A coward person does not get assistance from any body.
    • I firmly resolve to attain fearlessness to develop hidden potentials.
    • Undoubtedly I will attain freedom from fear (10 minutes).

     5. Conclude Dhyan session with the recitation of Mahapran Dhvani (6 times).

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