The Secret of Past Lives ► 10 ►Some Experiences and Some Examples ► A girl called Shanti in the first birth that he saw

Posted: 04.09.2017

Her first experience in the first birth was that of a girl named Shanti. As per instruction I had gone for the camp on 3rd May for Preksha Meditation. There was the desire to know, firm determination and reverence for Munishri. So we attended the camp. We were given mirrors. We were asked to look into the mirror with concentration. Everyone was sitting in his position. Munishri was sitting in his place looking absolutely at peace and serious. His very presence made everyone feel at peace and pious. I was concentrating on my image in the mirror. I looked into it for some time. I was staring without moving my eyelids. I did not know how I gradually descended into the past. Munishri was chanting a mantra. I was able to see a small image in Bihar. It had a beautiful garden. There was a hut. I was born in this hut. People called me Shanti. I can see I was growing up gradually. I could see my mother holding a pot of water on her head. I was crying lying on the ground. All of a sudden roar of a lion was heard. I stopped crying out of fear. This was the experience of my first birth.

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