The Secret of Past Lives ► 12 ►Preksha Meditation and Recollection of the Previous Birth ► Experience of Alfia Tissen

Posted: 29.09.2017

I had experienced the past life, three times. For the first time I was able to see the incidents of my previous birth in the third camp. I was overwhelmed when I realized about my birth. My mother had abortion in the first one. I had experienced her agony. After putting into yogic practice I became calm and peaceful.

I had two more experiences while attending the fourth camp. I saw myself as a Pinosaus, and then also found myself as a beautiful mare whose name was Udook. I saw some of the places of old Rome when I was a peace loving soldier. I saw myself as a monk. Those whom I met last time I met them now. This time I saw myself as a young girl. I saw that the girl wrapped in a white shroud was cremated on the top of a hill. Someone close to her was lighting the funeral pyre. But somehow the girl could not express her feeling. Her soul was quite agonized. Amidst the agony and loneliness this was such a powerful experience that I cried to my heart's content. I asked "Who am I"? I tried to return. Guruji directed me to come into the present. I witness a calm sea. Horizon lit by morning sun. Guruji chanted 'OM Shanti Shanti Shanti' and I returned.

Next time I saw everything as if I was witnessing a film and I saw that girl Chandra. My soul was at peace. I express my humble and grateful thanks to my guru.

Alfia Tissen, Riga LV 1014 Latvia.

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