The Secret of Past Lives ► 13 ►The Manner of Knowing the Previous Birth through Preksha ► D. Leshya Dhyan (Perception of Psychic Colours)

Posted: 23.10.2017


Leshya Dhyan is also practised as an alternate third step of Prekshadhyan. It is the Perception of Psychic Colours.

Every man has an aura around his body. Colours of the aura change according to changes in emotions. Emotions and aura are closely related. By purification of emotions we can purify our aura and by the purity of aura one can know about the purity of emotions.



Psychic Centre


Intense Willing and Experience

Ananda Kendra (Bliss)

Emerald Green

Freedom from Psychological faults and Negative Attitudes

Vishuddhi Kendra (Purity)

Peacock Neck-blue

Self control of urges and Impulses

Darshan Kendra (Intuition)

Rising Sun Red

Awakening of Intuition-Bliss

Jnana Kendra (Wisdom)

Golden Yellow

Perception Acuity-clarity of thought

Jyoti Kendra (Enlightenment)

Full Moon White

Tranquility, Subsidence of anger, excitation etc.




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