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Posted: 01.09.2017

The whole procedure can be divided into three stages:

In the first stage

through Preksha Meditation one tries to concentrate and still the mind. Preksha dhyan means: to experience by oneself. This is a spiritual activity in which a person has to undergo yogic practices and various asanas so that every part of the body becomes energetic.

In the second stage

through Preksha Meditation one gets into the past For half an hour the body is trained to relax gradually. Breathing becomes calm and slow. This can be done in any position - standing, sitting or even lying down on your back.

In the third stage

one gradually lingers in the memory of the past and everything becomes clear. This is also known as Bhed vigyan. After Preksha Meditation body and mind becomes still and the spiritual journey begins. The previous birth becomes clear but to reach this stage one has to have proficiency in soul searching. Only then this kind of an experience can take place. The procedure for Preksha Meditation is given in detail in this book.

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