The Secret of Past Lives ► 09 ►Incidents Quoted from the Scriptures of Jainism

Posted: 21.08.2017

In the Acharang Bhashya, Acharya Mahapragya has discussed at length about past lives and rebirth. The basis for this is Mahavira's discourse. Disciple Sudharma has clarified this to disciple Jambuswami saying, "May you live long! Whatever I have understood I am explaining in detail. This is none of my imagination. Bhagvan Mahavir has explained that birth and death are for us to see. No one can deny it. But where were we? Or where will we go after death? This kind of realization does not come to everyone. To understand this one has to have the curiosity and right effort. Only then a person can realize reality. There are three main causes for recollecting one's previous birth.

  1.  Sublimation of Mohaniya karma
  2.  Purification of aura
  3.  I ha poh margana gaveshna
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